Tyra Banks Hairstyles

Tyra Banks Hairstyles - Millions Adore Tyra

Tyra Banks hairstyles may surprise a few people who are unaware that this African-American super model uses lace front wigs along with hairpieces and extensions to create her sensational looks. This fashion pioneer has been featured on magazine covers such as the famous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and the Victoria's Secret catalog.
Tyra Banks Straight and Curly Hairstyles

The millions of fans that adore Tyra Banks hairstyles have seen her as a blond and a brunette in the Hollywood movies 'Higher Learning” and “Coyote Ugly”, as well as music videos for Michael Jackson and George Michael.
Tyra Banks Long Straight Hair

Preparation of her chosen hairstyle of the day is what makes Tyra Banks look so well put together. Every day, she carefully selects the lace front wigs, hair weaves or extensions that she will wear on her television show, now being broadcast from New York. She has created a new wave of interest in the versatility of using a variety of styling techniques to produce a unique and stunning hairdo. This supermodel and actress has also launched her own line of wigs and hair extensions. Whether you choose the lace front wig or hair weave you can have that star-quality look.
Tyra Banks With Bangs

Tyra Banks hairstyles range from straight and sleek to a head full of voluptuous curls giving her a femme fatale look that just oozes sex appeal.
Tyra Banks Curly Hair

The use of hair extensions or wigs gives her the opportunity to personify the look that is the perfect complement to her modeling assignments for companies such as Nike and Swatch.

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