Sarah Jessica Parker Hairstyles

Sarah Jessica Parker Hairstyles - Lovely Long Waves - Summer Fall 2009

As one of the best-known actresses in Hollywood for her role in the series “Sex in the City,” Sarah Jessica Parker hairstyles are admired by millions of her fans. One of the hairstyles that many women like a lot is her casual look with her hair in long waves with a center part.

Sarah Jessica Parker Hair

This is an easy style to duplicate if you know how to style it or if your salon stylist is familiar with this hairdo. After you shampoo and condition your hair, simply apply a bit of texturizing spray to your hair while it’s wet and the blow dry. Next you will need to use a one-inch curling iron to small sections of your hair, allowing it to set for about 15 seconds.
What gives Sarah Jessica Parker hairstyle their natural cascading effect is the styling you apply after you have finished setting your entire head of hair. Using a lifting comb, select different sections and then fluff them out to make the waves in the hair fall naturally.
This style is worn by Sarah Jessica Parker pulled up and away from her face with a few tendrils left to fall loosely around her oval shaped face. She also wears this style pulled back from her forehead to cascade over her shoulders to put the focus on her face.
Hair color highlights can add more contrast, depth and tonal interest in the movement of this hairstyle especially when accented with gel for additional shine and bounce.

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