Hairstyles For Round Faces

Hairstyles For Round Faces - Longer Hair Will Work Best

Each face type has its own best features; the key to choosing haircuts for round faces is to add height of your head instead of the width of your face. Of all the hairstyles that work well with round faces, look to those for longer length hair to add length to your face and if you want to minimize the roundness even more, ask your stylist to cut your hair in angled layers that taper off softly ending at the middle of the back of the head. This styling technique will add volume to your style

Hairstyles For Round Faces

If you are interested in adding height to your hair, the long, straight bouffant hairstyle is ideal. To have success with this style, start with a long cut with shaggy ends, styling the hair to come toward your temples, hanging straight down. Add more lift to your hair from the roots by using a curling iron, curlers or hairspray. Wearing smooth, long bangs parted a bit off center finishes off this style beautifully.
Hairstyles For Round Faces

Haircuts for round faces that are curly and end below the shoulders are another way you can add height to the crown of your head without adding too much width to your face. In curly styles it’s important to taper the hair at your temples as much as possible. Steer clear of heavy bangs to minimize face width; style them to be a loose and wispy fringe along the sides of your face, allowing only a few hair strands to rest on the forehead.

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Best Hairstyles For Long Faces

Best Haircuts For Long Shaped Faces
- Some Tips

Haircuts for long faces ideally focus on creating the illusion of width and diminishing the length of the face. You can bring out the natural beauty of your features by choosing a hairstyle that has some of the following features.
Start by keeping your hair at a medium length, falling between your chin and shoulders: longer hair will add to the length of your face and a very short haircut will make your facial features look out of proportion. By styling the hair to create a frame around the jaw line you can add roundness to the shape of your face
Niki Taylor and Sarah Jessica Parker Both Have Long Face Shape, Beautiful Hair

To create the appearance of a wider face, you want texture instead of straight, which will draw your facial features down. Wear your hair in a curly or wavy style which bring volume and shape that’s made even better by adding a fringe of long, thick bangs swept to the side of the face.
Gisele Bundchen With Long Wavy Hair

Whichever style you choose, be sure you are confident that it suits your personality and lifestyle.
Layered styles also work well in haircuts for long faces. The hair should be cut in layers that meet the length of your nose, chin and collarbone. The front and sides of the hair will appear shorter and should be finished in a V-shape at the back of the head.
Liv Tyler, She Looks Outstanding

The most important thing to remember in choosing from the many haircuts for long faces is to avoid extremely short and long styles to make the most of your facial features.

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Hairstyles For Long Hair

Hairstyles For Long Hair - Summer 2009 Edition

When you want to choose one of the hairstyles for long hair that easy to maintain, all it takes to keep your locks looking fabulous is to let your hair’s natural qualities be your guide. It doesn’t take a lot of time to keep your hair looking great if you work with your hair instead of against it.
Long Hair Ideas

For long and naturally curly hair, use those curls to give you a beautiful look instead of straightening them. On the other hand, if you’re hair is straight, you can use loose French braids or twisted ponytails to add some flair rather than spend hours under the curling iron.
Long Hair Ideas

The French braid is one of the most versatile hairstyles for long hair whether straight or curly. Starting at the crown of your head, gather your hair into three sections and then gently weave your hair together until about four inches before you reach the end of your hair. Finish the ends with a bit of hair gel to keep them neat and then use a barrette to secure the braid in place.
Long Hair Ideas

For the times when you’re in a real hurry, a twisted ponytail is a good way to handle your hair quickly without looking bland. Section your hair evenly to the left and right, bring each section up twisting the hair three to five times toward the back of the head. Pull the sections together at the back of the head and secure them in place with a pretty barrette or hair band.
Long Hair Ideas

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Shaggy Hairstyles For Summer 2009

Shaggy Hairstyles - Go For This Challenging Hairstyle

Shaggy hairstyles are styles that are cut in layers, usually in varying lengths. When the layers are cut in cascading fashion the result is the cool and sexy 70’s shag haircut look. In the shaggy haircut, hair is longest at the maximum length from the crown of the head. This is the ideal solution for people who don’t want their hair care to take a lot of time.
In this hairstyle, the part is usually in the middle with the layers of your hair are cut to frame your face. The success of this design is hair with movement and natural bounce. The secret to making this popular design work is to draw the line between a ‘messy’ look and hair that looks like a mess. What makes all the difference are the products used in the styling of shaggy hairstyles which are just as important as the cut.
Hair colors with a lot of depth, work great with shaggy hairstyles. If you want the best cut possible, find the stylist with experience with this challenging haircut. This haircut needs volume to really perform well: stylists are known to use volumnizer at the roots of the hair and then combing gel through the hair prior to blow drying. Add some ‘oomph’ to your shaggy hairstyling using a round barrel brush while blow drying. Applying hair wax to sections of the ends of the hair give definition around the face: with a bit of hairspray and hair shine, you’re ready for the world.

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Razor Cut Hairstyles - Great Hair Idea

Razor Cut Hairstyles - Try Them This Summer

Razor cut hairstyles are defined by hair that’s so evenly matched in length and angle of cut, that it gives a very soft and natural appearance to the viewer. The success of bob and other soft hairstyles depend on this look.
Razor Cut Hairstyles

Although this hairstyle is widely popular in the USA, it was discovered in Europe in the 19th century after being created hundreds of years ago in Japan where the ‘nihindo’ tool was developed to produce the precision cuts that make this style unique.
Today the popularity of razor cut hairstyles is still causing a lot of excitement for young women because of its easy maintenance and the attractive soft look of this fabulous hairstyle. To obtain this soft look takes an experienced stylist to deliver the exact cut for each section of hair at a controlled degree angle.
Razor Cut Hairstyles

The haircut received a lot of attention when the singer Rihanna chose an inverted bob with an extremely short length of hair razor cut at the back of the head. To get the maximum impact from a razor cut, the hair must be straight in order to show off the cut to its best. If you have very thick hair, razor cut hairstyles are a great way to remove density from a hairdo.
Unfortunately for those with curly hair, razor cut hairstyles do not produce beneficial results and should be avoided. Using this styling technique on this hair type will create a frizzy look that could detract from the beauty of your appearance.

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Angled Bob Hairstyles, Summer 2009

Angled Bob Haircuts For Summer 2009

Angled bob hairstyles are some of the hottest and most versatile haircuts you can wear, no matter what face shape you possess. This flexibility is due to the many different ways a stylist can create the layers to frame the face.

Angled Bob Haircuts - Popular Among Celebrities

In 2008, the angled bob hairstyle gained a huge amount of popularity because it can be worn in many different ways; from short with dramatic color highlights to long length with an angled shape. Usually in this style, the hair is longer in the front and gradually begins to taper and become shorter in the back. Women who are looking to add dramatic flair to their appearance can accomplish this easily with an angled bob hairstyle.
Angled Bob Hairstyle by Eva Longoria

The success of this haircut is based on the one of the cuts that has become the classic fashion statement: the modern bob hairstyle. This style features the hair styled close to the face is very popular because it works with any lifestyle or color of hair. There are so many variations to this style that it has become famous for its trendy impact.

Angled Bob Hairstyle by Paris Hilton

If this is your first time trying this style it’s a good idea to ask your hair stylist to show you different examples of angled bob hairstyles or show them pictures of the type of cut you want to have. If your face shape is different from the model wearing the style you like, an experienced stylist will be able to modify it so that it compliments you beautifully.

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Trendy Fringe, Bangs Hairstyles

Trendy Fringe & Bangs Hairstyles For Summer 2009

The fringes are generally linked with the bangs but it is not the primary requirement. The fringes feature at the very edges of one’s hair and are most efficient when they are blended with bangs. They can even be boasted with the straightened and updo looks. The crucial thing to consider about fringes is that they need time for maintenance. Fringes are actually not crated with swoosh or wave of clippers. They need to be individually cut and measured.
Fringe Summer Hair
When the fringes are used with those bangs, the face’s detailed structure become really crucial because while bangs needs to be designed with eyes and brows in mind, fringes interact with the cheekbones, chin and jaw line. Longer the hair, better are the fringes thereby offering those more of leeway for creating that excitement twirling around the face.
Fringe Summer Hair

Fringes hairstyle can actually make an individual look sexy. The clever and trendy twists are in fashion these days. You can either choose to boast the long or short or even the out of the eyes fringes with a clever twist.

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