Angled Bob Hairstyles, Summer 2009

Angled Bob Haircuts For Summer 2009

Angled bob hairstyles are some of the hottest and most versatile haircuts you can wear, no matter what face shape you possess. This flexibility is due to the many different ways a stylist can create the layers to frame the face.

Angled Bob Haircuts - Popular Among Celebrities

In 2008, the angled bob hairstyle gained a huge amount of popularity because it can be worn in many different ways; from short with dramatic color highlights to long length with an angled shape. Usually in this style, the hair is longer in the front and gradually begins to taper and become shorter in the back. Women who are looking to add dramatic flair to their appearance can accomplish this easily with an angled bob hairstyle.
Angled Bob Hairstyle by Eva Longoria

The success of this haircut is based on the one of the cuts that has become the classic fashion statement: the modern bob hairstyle. This style features the hair styled close to the face is very popular because it works with any lifestyle or color of hair. There are so many variations to this style that it has become famous for its trendy impact.

Angled Bob Hairstyle by Paris Hilton

If this is your first time trying this style it’s a good idea to ask your hair stylist to show you different examples of angled bob hairstyles or show them pictures of the type of cut you want to have. If your face shape is different from the model wearing the style you like, an experienced stylist will be able to modify it so that it compliments you beautifully.

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