Alexa Vega Hair Styles 2009, 2010

Alexa Vega Hair Styles 2009, 2010

Alexa Vega is a well-known teen actress, having appeared in movies such as “Spy Kids” and “Little Giants” as well as on TV shows such as “ER”. She is half-Colombian and half-Italian and her current hair is not what she was born with. She was actually born with very wavy, thick hair. She has had to dye her hair many times for different acting roles and currently is allowing her hair to go back to its natural color, which is blonde.
Alexa Vega Formal Hair

Several of her many hairstyles are simply wonderful for people with longer faces but it will work with almost anyone. To try this style for yourself, pull your hair back to about the middle of your head and pin there with a barrette, clip, or whatever you prefer. Leave a few long pieces loose to fall about your face. If that bothers you, simply use some styling gel or a curling iron to curl them away from your face where the bangs aren’t in your eyes.
Alexa Vega Long Straight Hair

Another pretty combination is to give the strands a spiral curl. This look softens the face and is very pretty and feminine; the long strands that dangle in front help to shorten the length of longer faces. This would probably not be a great style for people with very round faces as it could make them seem rounder and heavier than they actually are.
Alexa Vega Curly Hair

Another style Alexa has worn is a simple fringed ponytail. This style is great for anyone who wants to soften sharp features, make their forehead look smaller, or their chin less prominent. First, make sure your hair has lots of volume. Then just pull it back into a ponytail; this way the sides of your hair will be full of body and it will be a softer look.
Alexa Vega Sexy Wavy Hair

Finally, have your bangs cut into layers and sweep them to the side of your face. This look is beautiful, feminine, and you could dress it up to be as fancy or casual as you would like.