Beyonce Knowles Elegant Hairstyle, For Glamorous Look in 2010

Beyonce's Elegant Hairstyle, For Glamorous Look in 2010

The world can’t seem to get enough of Beyonce Knowles. She has achieved monumental success over the past several years, and has always sported cutting edge style. One of the most notable aspects is the Beyonce hairstyle, which women across the globe try to imitate.
Beyonce's Elegant Hairdo

One of the most popular Beyonce Knowles hairstyles is the one she had at the New York Cadillac Records premier. This style featured long layers, which were cut in such, a way that the waves were carried through right to the tips. It is perfect for any height and any face shape. If you want to create this style you will need a radial brush, and a curling iron or some hot rollers. Be sure to apply a bit of styling mousse when your hair is damp, to help keep the style in.

Use a larger radial brush to blow-dry your hair. Remember to part your hair into sections and always start at the back. Blow from the top until you reach the ends, where you will blow from the bottom. To get the curls you can use a curling iron or rollers. If you are using hot rollers, remember to arrange the side ones in a vertical pattern. Leave in until the rollers have cooled down. When you are done, apply some smoothing shine and comb through gently to achieve the waves. The key to this Beyonce Knowles hairstyle is to get the waves right. If you follow these steps you can create the style in no time.

Hairstyles In 2010, Try Something Different

Hairstyles In 2010, Try Something Different!

If you want to see some great hairstyles that add a little spunk to your life, there are plenty of examples of celebrities wearing them today.

Take a look at Halle Berry in her pixie hair cut; she has a beautiful glow about her that accentuates her eyes and high cheekbones. It gives her an innocent and sassy look that adds spunk to her image.

Another celebrity that has pushed the envelope in fashion this year is Pink. Her platinum blonde fringe hairstyle that she is wearing for her Funhouse tour adds a sexy element to her explosion of fun image for the tour. She has really made a gorgeous look work in some spunk as well.
Adam Lambert Emo Like Hairstyle

On the men’s side, take a look at Adam Lambert from American Idol, he has taken the Emo look and added his own spunk. He is a great singer, but he has also made the Emo look much more popular this year. The use of his bangs and shorter cropped sides is a perfect example of the innovative way that stylists are using bangs this season. He is clearly a spunky fashion icon this year. And this style will be carried into 2010 for sure!

And who can forget the looks of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner in the Twilight series movies. They have added spunk to the vampire scene without question! And they have inspired a generation of teens to follow their high-fashion images! Pushed up spikes that make them look like flame-topped perfection for the ladies has made these stars the most sought after look this season.

Looking Back, Hairstyles Fall 2009, Natural Hair Colors Ruled

Looking Back, Hairstyles Fall 2009. Natural Hair Colors Ruled!

What was glamorous in Fall 2009? Lots of styles fit that bill! This was a year of hair experimentation that has yielded so many new styles and variations.
Short hair styles dominated the magazines and red carpets this Fall. Rihanna and Katie Holmes, while at different spectrums of the entertainment charts, displayed forward looking fashion sense in their short hair styles! Rihanna has dominated the short hair style for a while, but she took her look to a new level with some sharp angled, side-swept bangs that have become a new standard in the industry. And Katie just shocked everyone with her black-dyed, short style that took her from her living room to the red carpet with ease!

It was a wonderful explosion of color that mimicked the change in seasons this Fall as well! While natural hair colors dominated the scene, there were bold variations of platinum blondes to fiery reds and rich auburns along with highlight and lowlight accents! The word for it all was glamorous! Even Emo styles set forth by the Twilight movie series and the punk styles set forth by the likes of Avril Lavigne, were able to give all personalities a way to glam up their styles!

Even the teens got on the glam train when Miley Cyrus was seen with a long hair style that showed off her youthful, but sophisticated side on the red carpet this fall. We can expect to see the healthy, bouncy, and cutting edge styles that made their way into our magazines this Fall carry us boldly into 2010 in style!

Asian Hairstyles in 2010

Asian Hairstyles in 2010

Looking across the many styles that are available today, we have to give credit to the stylists and fashion industry in Japan who have repeatedly given the rest of the world innovative ideas. The Asian styles that are working the best right now have to do with using different length bangs with short hair to offer a wide range of options for different face shapes.

We can see the influences in style in all Asian-made cartoons, video games and movies. Many of the toughest shapes to flatter are round and diamond face shapes which we find many of in the Asian population. This of course is speaking in very broad generalities.

General or not, this year especially we have seen Asian influence on hairstyles in the Emo style. If we look at the wild hairstyles that are being sported by artists like Adam Lambert, you will have a good idea about what the Emo style looks like. His style is all about expressing his emotion and personality. And his stylist does that very well by keeping much of his hair short and keeping his top layers longer. Then it is possible to style his bangs and parts differently for a wide variation of looks without much effort!

More mainstream looks have caught on to this trend as well. Take a look at Mandy Moore or Katie Holmes and you will find the same type of short styles and use of bangs for so many of their new looks!

Long Hairdos, Winter, Summer 2010

Long Hairdos Winter, Summer 2010

When looking for long hairstyles that work for your hair, there isn’t much searching that needs to be done! Online pictures and information has made the search relatively easy!
Look up Jessica Lowndes at the Grammy awards this year for a formal look that creates elegance and grace. With her healthy, brown hair pushed up and back she elongated her oval shaped face. Jessica is lucky because her face has small features that love to be accentuated. She also wore the rest of her hair down her back. This gave her a very flowing, elongated, graceful look that the cameras loved!
Beyonce is no stranger to long hair; and she is versatile in her styles also. She has gone from straightened hair with bangs to wild curly hair on stage! She makes both look extremely sexy. Her secret is that her hair is naturally wavy so the wild, vertical curls she wears on stage are relatively easy for her stylist to create. But the straightened hair takes a lot of heat and relaxer, so she doesn’t do that very often. This is smart because she can keep her hair healthier without the use of many chemicals and heat treatments.
But if you are looking for real versatility, Mandy Moore is the woman to research! Mandy has gone from blonde to brown and from short to long styles with ease. And her square face shape is not an easy one to fit, so there is great hope for all women who are struggling with difficult face shapes of our own!

Best Red Carpet Hairstyles in 2009

Best Red Carpet Hairstyles in 2009

At the Primetime Emmy Awards this year, we saw some great examples of fashion forward looks that really defined glamour in 2009.
Take Jessica Lowndes for example. She had a long, formal hairstyle for her rather oval shaped face that was drawn up and back into a long flowing cascade of hair down her shoulders and back. It was a simple, but elegant look for her!
Jessica Lowndes Hair

Debra Messing went with a side-swept bangs look that gave her more sex appeal. The bangs were curled at the ends adding a sense of flair that was reminiscent of the 1920’s while still looking very modern!
Debra Messing Hair

Padma Lakshmi wore her hair up with a healthy bundle of curls tied in a bun at the back of her head. This look was amazing on her because it gave her a look of classic beauty that was more like a Roman goddess than a mere mortal!
Padma Lakshmi Hair

Kourtney Kardashian wore long locks of vertical curls that cascaded all the way down past her shoulders. This was a very simple look for her and her slightly wavy hair. It was as if she took a big curling iron to her hair for ten minutes, but it looked so elegant!
Kourtney Kardashian Hair

And just to show you that simply enhancing your natural beauty is the most important thing, Alyson Hannigan showed up looking stunning in a hairstyle that appeared as though she had just showered, put in some light mousse, and ran her fingers through her hair as it dried.
Alyson Hannigan Hair

It is incredible how her naturally wavy hair could look simply amazing with so very little work!

Wedding Party Hairstyles Tips 2010

Wedding Party Hairstyles Tips 2010

When choosing your wedding party hairstyles take into consideration four things: the style of the dress, the weather, the overall style of the wedding, and your personal preference.

When first thinking about a hairstyle, you should think about the wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses that you have chosen. If it has a halter neckline or plunging backs, you would want to accentuate this feature with an up-style haircut. And, for instance, if there are pearls in the dress, you may want to accessorize your hair with some small pearl adornment.

Next, think practically! You might want to think about what hairstyle just might make it through the day best for your pictures. If there is any humidity or rain possible like in summer months, you may want to rethink a straight haircut if your hair is naturally wavy. Winter can bring dryness and March is known for wind! You must think about what is going to look best all day. Ask your stylist for suggestions; she has probably done a few weddings in her career.

One of the most important things is what kind of mood you are trying to create for your wedding as well. If you are looking for high-fashion and red carpet glamour, that will affect your choices for hairstyle one way. However, if you are trying for a fun, laid-back atmosphere, you will want to go a completely different way with your hairstyles. Do some research on you favorite wedding sites and look at photos at that location. This may just speak to you.

Finally, wear what feels most natural and comfortable for you and your bridesmaids. Maybe it isn’t that important to you that all of you look the same. Ultimately you just have to think about it and then go with what feels right to you!

Best Hairstyles for Heart Faces

Best Hairstyles for Heart Faces

There are so many great hairstyles out there for heart shaped faces! This winter’s styles are leaning towards shorter hair styles, and that is a perfect way to go for your face.

Shorter hairstyles like the chin-length bob will work very well for your heart-shaped face because it adds volume where you need it the most! It accents your high cheekbones and gives your face balance. The short hairstyles that are in style for 2010 are your chance to shine!

Fringe hairstyles that play with the angles and layers of your bangs will also be great for your face. It is easy to use haircuts that are side-parted or bangs that are side swept to give you a sexier look that will still frame your face in flattering ways. Avoid the short cuts that put too much volume at the top of your head or are too slicked back. You don’t want to ruin the visual balance by making your chin look longer and pointier. You will really like the way you look in these shorter styles and heads will turn more when you walk in the room!

The long hair option can also work out for you, but you have to be sure that your stylist cuts it in a way that accents your cheekbones. Those are the highlight of your facial features and you should emphasize them! Cutting some layers into your bangs can draw out your cheekbones and allow you to enjoy a longer cut.

Spunky Hairstyles Winter, Summer 2010

Spunky Hairstyles Winter, Summer 2010

Trying to look a little spunkier these days? Looking to show off your fun side? Here is a great way to be really fashionable going into 2010 – get a shorter hair style! Longer hair tends to be classified as elegant, but it takes so much work to maintain. And a shorter look always makes you look a little bit younger and more fun!
Besides, the celebrity and runway stylists are already showing off the stars’ new hairstyles that are shorter and trendier in ways that have only just begun to develop! The beauty of a shorter, spunkier hairstyle is that it can be used at nearly any formal event with some styling gel or mousse. But it can be worn very easily every day in a wash-and-wear style that looks really good with very little effort.
And do not think that there is only one style for short hair! Anything from a Pixie cut to curls that hover somewhere between your chin and your shoulders can look very spunky and wild! Look at Rihanna and Katie Holmes razor cuts for example. Both women are sensual and gorgeous on the red carpet, as well as in candid Paparazzi photos! The Bob hairstyle has been done many ways too! Playing with the angles, layers, highlights, and lengths can change your look dramatically. So if you like the ease of this style, but you don’t want to keep one look, you don’t have to settle!
A Spunky hairstyle will make you feel lighter and freer! It will definitely get a positive reaction from those around you who are used to your long hair! You should do some research online for your face shape. Then get some headshot photos that show nice looking short hair styles on celebrities with your face shape before you decide on the one you want! But don’t be afraid to take the plunge and show off your spunk!

Asian Pixie Cut - Winter, Summer 2010

Asian Pixie Cut - Winter, Summer 2010 Edition

This style was popularized in Asian fashion because it fits many Asian features. Feminine jaw lines, small features, and straight hair are typically needed to pull off this fashion forward look!
However, we have seen many celebrities without any Asian descent pull it off with flair as well! Hale Berry had this cut for a while and she looked ravishing. Alyssa Milano wore a Pixie cut very well as a good witch on Charmed. And Natalie Portman was strikingly beautiful with a Pixie cut of her own shortly after shaving her head in the movie “V for Vendetta.”
Halle Berry Pixie Cut

This style can be cute to wear on a daily basis, and it can also be a glamorous look when worn to formal events. It is something that will express your confidence in that you don’t need to have long hair to appear feminine. And it is easy to wash and wear daily, but you will have to spend some extra time and use some gel or mousse getting it to look right for more formal occasions.
And it appears that some of the celebrities who have made this look popular are now growing their hair out a little more. So if you don’t like to visit the stylist too often, you may not need to go for a few months while you let your style grow out a bit.
That is the real beauty of this cut! It will look good short, and it will look good in the dreaded in-between stages as it grows out as well. Then you can always make the decision to re-trim the look, or grow it out. Either way you go, you can modify your look throughout the year while experimenting with different lengths!
Photo1/Chewy Chua

Jennifer Aniston Hair Color Tips For 2010

Jennifer Aniston Hair Color Formula For 2010

Style conscious women all have the same question: How do you achieve the lively long locks Jennifer Aniston look? Here are some of the hair salon secrets that will make you the envy of all your friends. Women with medium-soft brunette hair color are the luckiest, because this is the same base color as Jennifer Aniston. Now all you need to do is add the highlights. Start with a high-lift golden blonde hair color and 40-volume developer, and then alternate with a high-lift natural blonde. It’s most important for your hair stylist to use crème developer so the hair color will be thick to keep the foil in place. For best results the stylist should use half-inch-wide streaks and allow 20 minutes under a hot dryer to process.
Here's an insider secret on Jennifer Aniston's hair color from some of the other clients of her experienced stylist: use the old-fashioned Clairol and Wella in a bottle that you can purchase yourself. The fantastic result is due to technique and timing not in using luxury hair colors.
To accent the hair color with lowlights, use approximately three foils on both sides of the head. One of the best colors is the medium golden brown shade like Wella Color Charm #435 with 20-volume crème developer. This time your stylist should do 3/4-inch streaks, with only one lowlight foil for the fringe bangs. All you need is ten minutes to process the color then shampoo and condition. The finishing touches include glossing and styling to your preference.

Celebrity Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Best Celebrity Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Often there is pressure on celebrities to maintain a fresh, chic image in order to stay in the public eye. Sometimes this leads to making fashion mistakes. Recently there have been a some haircuts that did not make the grade and others that just blew us away!
Rinhanna's Latest Hair

Rihanna, who is usually a fabulous example of what to do the right way, made a small miscalculation this year when she put in some large blond highlights in her bangs. We all agree that she has a great style that is on the cutting edge, but she really went overboard on this one!
Ashlee Simpson Hair

Ashlee Simpson on the other hand showed us all her grown up side with an Auburn shade to her hair this year that created a sophisticated look for her. Glamorous and shockingly sleek, her hair is a poster for what to do right! Her healthy and smooth looking fringe style makes her a new woman!
Drew Barrymore Latest Hairstyle, December 2009

Drew Barrymore dropped the ball on her hair this year with a blond into black tips that made her look more like a paintbrush than a celebrity. She is still a beautiful role model for our young women, but she should stick to one color! She will not be setting any trends with that kind of advice from her stylist. Last info; she went back to blonde, huraaay!
Katie Holmes', Bad Hair Day!

Katie Holmes found a stylist that was willing to experiment with her look and it paid off big for her as well. Just like Ashlee, Katie made a dramatic transformation, but in her case it was more about cutting her hair shorter and darkening it. Katie looks like a super- chic new mom now!

2010 Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

2010 Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Obviously wavy hairstyles tend to look good on everyone, but what if you don’t like your current style? I think you should definitely be open to changing your style, but don’t run away screaming from your natural wavy hair! Straightening has become a very common fashion, but aside from using damaging hair products and extremely hot straightening irons, there is no really permanent way to straighten. The best way to keep your wavy or straight hair looking good is to keep it strong and healthy looking.
2010 Wavy Hair Idea

Since wavy hair very often gets dehydrated more quickly than straighter hair, it is most important that you use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Repairing any damage that styling chemicals or heat do to your hair is the only way to keep it frizz free. It doesn’t matter how you prefer your hair cut without being sure to moisturize and repair your hair.
For short waves, put in some defining product in your damp hair and work it in with your fingers. There are some curling mousse products that work well also without much effort. For long waves, you may need a little more time and you will want to use a curling iron. Use some styling gel in your damp hair and allow for drying before adding any hair spray to hold in place. A good technique is also to use the gel with your head forward and your hair over your head for volume. Whether you are looking for the Jennette McCudy or the Catherine Zeta Jones look, I am sure that if you do some research and bring in some celebrity pictures for your stylist, you can get some great advice. Good luck and take some time to experiment before you do away with your voluptuous curls!

Alicia Keys Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Alicia Keys Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Alicia Keys is one of the most talented performers on the music scene today, but the hairstyles that she wears are noticed almost as much as the music she makes. She has worn a variety of hairstyles throughout the years, looking as in braids and corn rows as she is in long flowing curls.
Born with a head full of thick, luxurious beautiful brunette hair, her tresses have the volume that makes it easy for her to change her style often without breaking a sweat worrying how it will look.
Alicia Keys' Latest Hair, Medium Straight Hairstyle

One of the looks that the fans liked on Alicia Keys was when she chose the long, luxurious and shiny ringlet style. This hairstyle worked fabulously on her hair because of its texture. She was able to add height to this style by creating soft layers throughout the crown to create movement for a sassy and sexy look.
Alicia Keys' Wavy Hair

This talented songstress has several winning hairdos that are duplicated by women all over the world. When she went sleek and sophisticated with a supper straight hairstyle, it was the angled layers that made this hairstyle wow the crowd.
Always Looking Sensual, Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys uses a classic look for many different occasions. This hairstyle is full of movement and very shiny which works great with loose curls, layered for volume. She finishes off this hairstyle with a full fringe bang of tight curls that are brushed out and can fall gracefully over her eyes or be swept to the side of her face for a more sensual look.

Jennette McCurdy Naturally Curly Hairstyles

Jennette McCurdy Naturally Curly Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Jennette McCurdy has been on many shows for younger viewers. She’s a favorite on Nickelodeon’s iCarly and has been on movies such as “Monsters vs. Aliens.” The actress has become a style icon for young girls with her cute and trendy looks.
Naturally Curly Hairstyle

To get her look, you need medium to long hair. This style would look good with any hair color or facial structure, so no need to go and dye your hair. If your hair is naturally curly, then all you need to do is cut your bangs straight above your eyes. If your hair isn’t curly, then you need to put some loose ringlets in your hair. A large-barreled curling iron would be perfect for this. You could also use some large hot rollers if you prefer. Let your hair fall down around your face and there you go. This style would look good on anyone of any age and could be taken from day to night with ease. If you want to get Jennette’s more formal look, where her hair is sleek and straight, you’ll need one or two straightening irons and maybe a little bit of hairspray.
Going From Wavy To Straight Hairstyle

Simply run the straightening iron through your hair to make it sleek, beautiful, and part your bangs just off center. This will give you that formal princess look while still leaving you looking girlish and innocent. This look also can be taken from the office to a night out and is simple to do. Dress it up with some nice accessories for a fancy look or wear it without any for a beautiful look to go about your everyday life in.

Jessica Alba Hair 2009, 2010

Jessica Alba Hair 2009, 2010

Jessica Alba hairstyles gained a lot of attention in Hollywood from her role on the TV series “Dark Angel.” Through her career, Jessica Alba has changed her hairstyles frequently as well as her hair color. She has looked great in every style from long dark hair, to sassy short blond bob and long, curly waves. Even though these hairstyle changes seem effortless, expert haircutting is responsible for her being able to look fantastic in each hairstyle.
Jessica Alba Hair

Amazing might be an understatement in describing Jessica Alba in her long, blonde hairstyle. From her naturally brunette hair color to blonde for her role as “SUE STORM” the transformation was incredible and turned more than a few heads.
Jessica Alba Hair

The key to recreating this style is to shampoo your hair with a volumising shampoo, condition it well (unless you have thin, fine hair) and then use blow-dry. Be sure to blow dry your hair from the roots by turning your head upside down to add fullness and volume.
Jessica Alba Hair

Once your hair is thoroughly dry, use Velcro rollers or a large curling tong and separate your hair into small sections to create soft, wavy loose curls. After you remove the curlers, style your hair with your fingers and use a little hairspray to help keep the shape. Jessica Alba is also known for her subtle highlights in her curly style. The secret here is to keep the highlights on thin strands of hair just one or two levels above your natural hair color.

Rihanna's Latest Hair Photos

Rihanna's Latest Hair Photos, November 2009

On November 23 09' Rihanna promoted her latest CD, "Rated R", in New York City, she looked perfect with her brand new color red haircut, checkout the photos!

Rihanna's Latest Hairstyle

Red Hair Color

Super Sexy Rihannna's Latest Hairstyle

Always In Trend, True Hair Trend Setter - Rihanna

Alexa Vega Hair Styles 2009, 2010

Alexa Vega Hair Styles 2009, 2010

Alexa Vega is a well-known teen actress, having appeared in movies such as “Spy Kids” and “Little Giants” as well as on TV shows such as “ER”. She is half-Colombian and half-Italian and her current hair is not what she was born with. She was actually born with very wavy, thick hair. She has had to dye her hair many times for different acting roles and currently is allowing her hair to go back to its natural color, which is blonde.
Alexa Vega Formal Hair

Several of her many hairstyles are simply wonderful for people with longer faces but it will work with almost anyone. To try this style for yourself, pull your hair back to about the middle of your head and pin there with a barrette, clip, or whatever you prefer. Leave a few long pieces loose to fall about your face. If that bothers you, simply use some styling gel or a curling iron to curl them away from your face where the bangs aren’t in your eyes.
Alexa Vega Long Straight Hair

Another pretty combination is to give the strands a spiral curl. This look softens the face and is very pretty and feminine; the long strands that dangle in front help to shorten the length of longer faces. This would probably not be a great style for people with very round faces as it could make them seem rounder and heavier than they actually are.
Alexa Vega Curly Hair

Another style Alexa has worn is a simple fringed ponytail. This style is great for anyone who wants to soften sharp features, make their forehead look smaller, or their chin less prominent. First, make sure your hair has lots of volume. Then just pull it back into a ponytail; this way the sides of your hair will be full of body and it will be a softer look.
Alexa Vega Sexy Wavy Hair

Finally, have your bangs cut into layers and sweep them to the side of your face. This look is beautiful, feminine, and you could dress it up to be as fancy or casual as you would like.

Ashley Tisdale Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Ashley Tisdale's Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Ashley Tisdale has the ability to change her hairstyle at the drop of a hat! She has gone from super-straight, windswept locks, to ultra-feminine curls to full and soft waves in the course of a year, amazing her fans and keeping stylists busy.
Ashley Tisdale Hair, November 2009

The key to recreating any of Ashley Tisdale styles is to start with a good haircut and keep in mind that she uses natural inversion layers. This styling technique uses layers to create a rounder shape at the crown to give the hair more volume.
Ashley Tisdale Long Straight Hair

Plus this style is precision cut through the ends to create a soft fall to the hair. This makes your hair sleek when you wear it straight and decreases the weight of your hair when you wear it curly. For women with thin hair, this technique adds body while helping the hair keep the shape of the style.
Ashley Tisdale's Sexy Hair

Ashley Tisdale knows a lot about working that fringe bang! This style continues to be popular in all kinds of variations. One of the best looks on this young actress was shaping her fringe cut into a tear drop shape, allowing her to wear it to either side of her face.
Ashley Tisdale's Wavy Hair

Most women like their hair to have lively movement and Ashley Tisdale’s hair movement is smooth and easy, great for a casual, laid back look. This is a great look and it makes for easy maintenance of straight hair. All you have to do to get this look is blow dry your hair with round brushes and you’re done.

Halle Berry Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Halle Berry Hairstyles 2009, 2010

This fabulous actress has the reputation for wearing hairstyles that are absolutely fabulous even when they push the fashion envelope. Not only does Halle Berry have a unique style when she chooses her clothes, but the same is true when it comes to choosing her haircuts.
Halle Berry With Elegant Hair

She has changed her hairstyle frequently which simply delights her fans and makes her interesting to the celebrity photographers too. Over the course of her acting career her versatility has brought her a lot of admiration from her fans, who have watched her wear different hair colors and different hairstyle lengths from short to long.
Halle Berry, Long Curly Hair

Although the fashion police have not been asked, most people would rate the short hairstyle as the best look for Halle Berry. This actress is known for her lively personality and the short, choppy style with an abbreviated fringe bang just grazing her forehead really highlighted her fun-loving nature.
Halle Berry, Short Pixie Haircut

One of the most exciting features about all of the hairstyles that Halle Berry has worn is the shine and volume they have. This is really important in super short styles and this superstar has the carefree attitude to pull this style off where some women would wither from all the attention.
Of course Halle Berry chooses her hairstyles with care and she is a great example of selecting the right haircut for your facial shape as well. If you do this and recreate any of the great looks that this actress has worn, you too will look just as fabulous.