Hairstyles In 2010, Try Something Different

Hairstyles In 2010, Try Something Different!

If you want to see some great hairstyles that add a little spunk to your life, there are plenty of examples of celebrities wearing them today.

Take a look at Halle Berry in her pixie hair cut; she has a beautiful glow about her that accentuates her eyes and high cheekbones. It gives her an innocent and sassy look that adds spunk to her image.

Another celebrity that has pushed the envelope in fashion this year is Pink. Her platinum blonde fringe hairstyle that she is wearing for her Funhouse tour adds a sexy element to her explosion of fun image for the tour. She has really made a gorgeous look work in some spunk as well.
Adam Lambert Emo Like Hairstyle

On the men’s side, take a look at Adam Lambert from American Idol, he has taken the Emo look and added his own spunk. He is a great singer, but he has also made the Emo look much more popular this year. The use of his bangs and shorter cropped sides is a perfect example of the innovative way that stylists are using bangs this season. He is clearly a spunky fashion icon this year. And this style will be carried into 2010 for sure!

And who can forget the looks of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner in the Twilight series movies. They have added spunk to the vampire scene without question! And they have inspired a generation of teens to follow their high-fashion images! Pushed up spikes that make them look like flame-topped perfection for the ladies has made these stars the most sought after look this season.