Beyonce Knowles Elegant Hairstyle, For Glamorous Look in 2010

Beyonce's Elegant Hairstyle, For Glamorous Look in 2010

The world can’t seem to get enough of Beyonce Knowles. She has achieved monumental success over the past several years, and has always sported cutting edge style. One of the most notable aspects is the Beyonce hairstyle, which women across the globe try to imitate.
Beyonce's Elegant Hairdo

One of the most popular Beyonce Knowles hairstyles is the one she had at the New York Cadillac Records premier. This style featured long layers, which were cut in such, a way that the waves were carried through right to the tips. It is perfect for any height and any face shape. If you want to create this style you will need a radial brush, and a curling iron or some hot rollers. Be sure to apply a bit of styling mousse when your hair is damp, to help keep the style in.

Use a larger radial brush to blow-dry your hair. Remember to part your hair into sections and always start at the back. Blow from the top until you reach the ends, where you will blow from the bottom. To get the curls you can use a curling iron or rollers. If you are using hot rollers, remember to arrange the side ones in a vertical pattern. Leave in until the rollers have cooled down. When you are done, apply some smoothing shine and comb through gently to achieve the waves. The key to this Beyonce Knowles hairstyle is to get the waves right. If you follow these steps you can create the style in no time.