Unlocking the Secrets of Gray Hair

Unlocking the Secrets of Gray Hair

Countless theories surround gray hair, from stress to damage from coloring jobs and heat styling. Numerous studies are in place for the express purpose of unlocking the secrets of gray hair to separate fact from fiction.

As you get older your hair loses its shine and its color, and starts going gray. One study has recently shown that the hair bleaches itself, starting on the inside and moving outwards. While there is no evidence as yet to prove that stress accelerates graying hair, it is hoped that the chemicals isolated in this bleaching process will be identified and perhaps a link to stress can be found. There are also studies in place to somehow stop the cell responsible for hair pigment from dying.

There have also been a few attempts at trying to find a link between physical age and signs of ageing, graying being one of them. The end result is that there was no link found to exist between the two components. Some say it stands to reason though, as it would not explain why a 20-year-old individual went gray before a 60 year old.

What is known is that there is a link between genetics and graying hair. You will probably go gray around the same time as your parents and their parents before them. What was also discovered is that ethnicity plays a role, with Caucasians graying first and Africans last, with Asians somewhere in the middle.

There is still a lot more to learn about graying hair. It is a widely held view that once scientists have succeeded in unlocking the secrets of gray hair, we will be able to somehow prevent this phenomenon. Until that day we just have to get used to it as we age, or perhaps keep on with the coloring jobs.