Hairstyles for Girls Over 30

Hairstyles for Girls Over 30

Why hello there! Aren’t you all accomplished and empowered and proud of yourself? You should be. Welcome to your 30’s: the age where you actually get to power through your life the way you set it up to be in the last decade.
Kate Beckinsale Hair

Teen years are for play, your 20’s are for discovery and groundwork, but by your 30’s you should already know who you are and what you’re capable of. Chances are you’re already doing it too. And your hair should match the path you’ve taken in life.
Charlize Theron Hair

Think about that for a minute. Your hair makes a statement. It tells people who you are. So decide what’s best for you. If you’re a mom, you probably want to wearing your hair up, out of the way and practically. Try a shoulder length style, so that you can keep it up while you’re out chasing your kids, but can still style it for nights out with the girls.
Lori Loughlin Hair

If you’re a career woman, you probably always want to keep it together, even when you’re casual. A pixie cut is great for this, because it’s edgy, inspires confidence, and works for every occasion.
Christina Ricci Hair

And for the girl comfortable in her own shoes, nothing says you love yourself like getting natural highlights. That’s something you can do just to add a little something to make yourself feel better subtlety. And while chocolate and a Johnny Depp movie does the same trick, the highlights will last much, much longer.
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