Short Textured Japanese Hairstyles

Short hairstyles have become popular these days and most of them follow as a tradition. Some guys believe that short haircuts make them look younger and also hot and masculine. In Japan many of them prefer to wear short hairstyle. These are not only easy to handle but also requires minimum amount of work to style them.

Guys who are busy or not interested to spend much time in styling their hair can go for short haircuts. At least when compared to medium and long haircut, these require less work. Even if you follow and style your hair like long or medium, they require high maintenance. For short hairstyle people, they only need to wash their hair and dry it to obtain the "clean short" look.

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The Cons of Long Hair

The Cons of Long Hairstyles - Summer Fall 2009 Hair Edition

While long hair is the 'in' thing for many women especially and is often seen as a sign of good health with the majority of the community raving it, there can still be certain disadvantages that are associated with it.

The Cons of Long Hairstyles

While long hair may be beautiful and can be styled in many different ways, it must be said that it requires a lot more time and effort to care and maintain it in order for it to be attractive. Comparatively, short hair is easy to maintain – even if you are late for school/work/meeting, you won't need to spend an incessant amount of time to comb, brush or style it. One of the main cons of having long hair is that if you do not care for it, it can turn out to be really ugly. When you run into situations such as that, do remember that you read it here!

Long hair takes a LONG time to grow (no pun intended there!). If you are only starting to grow your hair long, you may find that it takes almost forever to reach first to your bottom of the ears, neck then shoulders. Many tend to give up along the way and just choose to go for hair extensions instead.

One of the more well known cons of long hair is that they are more accident-prone. There are many instances where freak accidents have occurred for those with really long hair such as having it get caught in the fan blowers, vacuum cleaners, car doors, drawers and so on.

While having long hair comes with these cons, you will have to look at both sides of the coin to weigh it out yourselves.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Hairstyles

Sarah Jessica Parker Hairstyles - Lovely Long Waves - Summer Fall 2009

As one of the best-known actresses in Hollywood for her role in the series “Sex in the City,” Sarah Jessica Parker hairstyles are admired by millions of her fans. One of the hairstyles that many women like a lot is her casual look with her hair in long waves with a center part.

Sarah Jessica Parker Hair

This is an easy style to duplicate if you know how to style it or if your salon stylist is familiar with this hairdo. After you shampoo and condition your hair, simply apply a bit of texturizing spray to your hair while it’s wet and the blow dry. Next you will need to use a one-inch curling iron to small sections of your hair, allowing it to set for about 15 seconds.
What gives Sarah Jessica Parker hairstyle their natural cascading effect is the styling you apply after you have finished setting your entire head of hair. Using a lifting comb, select different sections and then fluff them out to make the waves in the hair fall naturally.
This style is worn by Sarah Jessica Parker pulled up and away from her face with a few tendrils left to fall loosely around her oval shaped face. She also wears this style pulled back from her forehead to cascade over her shoulders to put the focus on her face.
Hair color highlights can add more contrast, depth and tonal interest in the movement of this hairstyle especially when accented with gel for additional shine and bounce.

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Asian Men Long Trendy Hairstyles 2009.

Long hairstyle makes you look younger than before. It gives you elegant and good look. Even many rock stars are attracted to these hairstyles and hence becoming more popular in 2009 particularly in Asia.

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Katie Holmes Bob Haircuts

Katie Holmes Bob Hairstyles - Summer Fall 2009

Katie Holmes Bob haircuts over the years have been one of the hottest conversations in the fashion world, especially when she decided to wear the “pob” hairstyle invented by Victoria Beckham.

Katie Holmes Bob Hairstyles

There are numerous celebrities choosing to style their hair in the face-flattering chin-length bob that Katie wore in 2008. The classic bob hairstyle has seen plenty of variations and today this hairstyle is worn cut shorter in the back, with the longer chin length sections of hair in the front. The shape of Katie Holmes face makes it perfect for the bob haircut, which is very much like the idealized flapper image of the “Roaring Twenties.” Beside the precision cut, what makes this hairstyle work so well for her is the hair color that’s used. Although highlighting is a popular styling trend, solid colors work best in this haircut.
Katie Holmes has experimented with several bob haircuts and looks great in every style, which is a credit to the versatility of it; it suits most hair and face types. While she looked elegant in the classic bob, the angled, razor cut bob accented her sex appeal, giving her a little bit dangerous look. This edgy look is quite fitting for the wife of the “Mission Impossible” movie star Tom Cruise. Many celebrities like Katie Holmes like the way the angled bob is layered and textured in the front while the hair at the back of the head is cut to taper gradually. She has used both fringe and side-swept bangs on different occasions for a softer look.

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Tyra Banks Hairstyles

Tyra Banks Hairstyles - Millions Adore Tyra

Tyra Banks hairstyles may surprise a few people who are unaware that this African-American super model uses lace front wigs along with hairpieces and extensions to create her sensational looks. This fashion pioneer has been featured on magazine covers such as the famous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and the Victoria's Secret catalog.
Tyra Banks Straight and Curly Hairstyles

The millions of fans that adore Tyra Banks hairstyles have seen her as a blond and a brunette in the Hollywood movies 'Higher Learning” and “Coyote Ugly”, as well as music videos for Michael Jackson and George Michael.
Tyra Banks Long Straight Hair

Preparation of her chosen hairstyle of the day is what makes Tyra Banks look so well put together. Every day, she carefully selects the lace front wigs, hair weaves or extensions that she will wear on her television show, now being broadcast from New York. She has created a new wave of interest in the versatility of using a variety of styling techniques to produce a unique and stunning hairdo. This supermodel and actress has also launched her own line of wigs and hair extensions. Whether you choose the lace front wig or hair weave you can have that star-quality look.
Tyra Banks With Bangs

Tyra Banks hairstyles range from straight and sleek to a head full of voluptuous curls giving her a femme fatale look that just oozes sex appeal.
Tyra Banks Curly Hair

The use of hair extensions or wigs gives her the opportunity to personify the look that is the perfect complement to her modeling assignments for companies such as Nike and Swatch.

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Longer Hairstyles For Men

Longer Hairstyles For Men - Summer Fall 2009 Hair Ideas

For longer locks of the male persuasion, many men have made this style a growing trend. Santiago Cabrera and Ace Young have recently been seen with wavy to curly long locks to stand in line for. Here are a few ideas on how to get these looks at home.
Ace Young was seen at the Grammy’s wearing his hair to his shoulders in a wavy long style. To get this at home, simply start with wet hair and begin with a strong holding mousse, wax and hairspray. Apply the mousse between your palms and then use the palms to distribute the mousse through the hair evenly. Start at the roots and work your way out to the ends, and this will help to give the roots a boost of body. Scrunch the hair between palms and fingers starting at the ends, and working towards the scalp. This will help to build the waves you are looking for, even if you have straight hair. Part the hair at the natural part with a wide toothed comb, for a natural look. Finish up with a light mist of hairspray to hold in place.
Santiago Cabrera

Santiago Cabrera’s look was seen at the TV Land Awards, and he used his natural curls to create a look that so many women swoon over. To begin with, the hair should be damp. Use mousse or gel between the palms and distribute evenly beginning at the roots of the hair, down to the ends. This will help hold for a longer time. Scrunch the hair between the palms and fingers and allow to dry.

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Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium Length Hairstyles - Paula Abdul's Hair

Women in the spotlight such as Paula Abdul have been wearing style breaking medium hairstyles for decades, and making them a beautiful addition to starlets everywhere. Here are a few ideas on how to recreate the wavy medium hairstyle that Paula wore on Fox in 2008.
Paula Abdul's Hair Medium Length Hairstyle

To create the wavy medium hairstyle Paula wears normally, hot rollers and a hair dryer are required as well as mousse, smoothing shine and lacquer or wax. This style is great for women with oval or diamond shaped faces, as this creates a frame around the face. To begin, the hair should be wet, and apply the mousse throughout the hair evenly. Distribute the mousse through with a round brush to have an even application. Place the hot rollers into the hair starting at the ends, carefully wrapping ends inside the first complete layer of hair. Roll up the entire head, and then blow dry. This should take about a half an hour to complete including the styling. Remove the rollers, and tousle the curls with fingers only and apply wax between the palms of your hands to distribute over the curls as you go.
For the straight medium hairstyle sported on Fox, wet or dry hair can be used. A straightening balm or wax and smoothing shine serum should be applied prior to beginning. Use a straightening iron on the entire head, working through pieces about 1 inch wide until the entire head is done. At the roots, apply hairspray while holding the hair up, so as to give lift and body.

How Long is Long Hair?

How Long is Long Hair - Summer Fall 2009 Hair Edition

This is a very good question but one that is open to debate. Different individuals have different perceptions of the definition for long hair. In certain instances, the definition of long hair differs between cultures or inter-culture in itself. Long hair is also often seen as a sign of good health and thus, often seen as a reflection of the person wearing it. I will bring you through several examples to illustrate the varying definitions of long hair and leave you to decide on your own at the end of it.
How Long is Long Hair

Women are generally more inclined to have long hair as opposed to men. Women with long hair is often considered to be feminine while short-haired women are seen as masculine. For a start, women with hair up to their chin may be considered as having short hair in certain cultures while in other cultures, men with that very same hair-length is said to have long hair.
In certain religions such as Sikh, it is a must for men to don their hair long and keep it under a turban. The hair length can go as long as to the waist when released and thus, it is considered to be a 'norm' in that particular culture and religion. However, despite everything that has been said, surveys have shown that the it is generally accepted that shoulder-length hair is considered to be long; for both women and men alike. Still, what really constitutes long hair is a question that will always be open to debate.

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Is Long Hair Going Out of Fashion?

Is Long Hair Going Out of Fashion? I Don't Think So!

What is your response when you come across this statement? For me personally, I must say that I disagree 110% (if there was such a thing!). You might be wondering why I have such a strong disagreement to it? Having been in the fashion industry for a good enough period, I feel I am in the right position to offer my opinion as someone who is directly involved.

Long Hairstyle; Forever Trendy And Sexy

I have seen many different hairstyles from different eras – from the 70s hippies to 80s New Wave, Mohawks, Glam Rock to many more. Still, one thing is evident and that is long hairstyles are always a fashion statement in itself and donned by the likes of top officials to celebrities to the common public. It is a timeless classic and will never go out of fashion!
If you do not believe me, simply take a look at your fashion magazines. Open up your wedding catalog or just surf the net for the matter. Chances are, you will see more long hairstyles compared to short ones. Not only is long hairstyles a classic favorite of the female gender, men can also look good while sporting long hair (think singer Kid Rock, wrestler Triple H/The Game or villain Lucius Malfroy in the Harry Potter installments).
So, there really isn't two ways about it. Long hair is not going out of fashion and never will. It is very much here to stay and will continue to play an integral role in making a strong fashion statement.

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Bridal Hairstyles Summer 2009 Tips

Bridal Hairstyles, Some Useful Tips For That Perfect Wedding

Choosing from the multitude of bridal hairstyles of 2009 is no easy task. Planning a wedding is all about the details, and it’s important to consider your attire and headpiece when selecting your hairstyle. When everything is coordinated, the result is beautiful, almost like a dream. Your wedding can be like a fantasy come true if you start this process early before things get hectic.
This is certainly the one day where every eye will be on you and choosing a bridal hairstyle that matches your face shape, the formality of your wedding gown and headpiece can be a little overwhelming. Here are a few tips to make it easier.
First, make an appointment with a stylist who’s experienced in bridal hairstyles at least 3 months before the wedding. Although your face shape is the most important factor in the type of hairstyle that will compliment your features, your skin tone is also key to choosing the right hair color for your big day. Beyond style and color, focus on the condition of your hair. Expert advice well in advance of the event gives you time to get your hair in fabulous shape. Bridal hairstyles 2009 for daytime, formal weddings tend to be up-dos. If this is the type of wedding you are planning, be sure that your hairstyle compliments your headpiece and veil. Informal afternoon weddings call for a more relaxed bridal hairstyle: cascading waves slightly pulled back off the face is a lovely accent to your facial features.

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Hair Colors Summer Fall 2009

Hair Colors For Summer and Fall 2009

When it comes to hair colors for Summer and Fall of 2009, the newest trends may surprise you. For many women their hair is one of their most prized assets, and they take great care when grooming their locks. Healthy, shining hair styled with a great cut and color that compliments the skin tone gives a wonderful boost to a woman’s self-confidence. The key is to find the perfect hairstyle and coloring for you, which can take a bit of research. Looking at the latest style trends is a good place to begin.
Although the shades of red and blond don’t work for everyone, both light auburn and champagne blond colors suit more skin tones than regular auburn color and peroxide blond. A good example of the peroxide blonde color done well was shown by the supermodel Kate Moss who wore her hair in fringe style blunt-cut in a photo shoot for Interview magazine, setting a key hair color trend in 2009. Many women find the chocolate shades of brunette boring, but this can be remedied by adding highlights of blond or red that compliments the intensity of the brunette color to add some spice for summer. Start your search for the best hair colors for Summer and Fall 2009 for your beautiful locks by identifying your face shape and skin tone, the two things that can make or break your look. If you want to keep your graying hairs in check, it’s best to use a hair color that is lighter than your natural shade.

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Step-By-Step Braided Hairstyles

Step-By-Step Braided Hairstyle - Look Trendy This Summer

Do you want to have a braided hairstyle, but don't know how to get it, check out this great videos with all the necessary instructions and tips.