The Cons of Long Hair

The Cons of Long Hairstyles - Summer Fall 2009 Hair Edition

While long hair is the 'in' thing for many women especially and is often seen as a sign of good health with the majority of the community raving it, there can still be certain disadvantages that are associated with it.

The Cons of Long Hairstyles

While long hair may be beautiful and can be styled in many different ways, it must be said that it requires a lot more time and effort to care and maintain it in order for it to be attractive. Comparatively, short hair is easy to maintain – even if you are late for school/work/meeting, you won't need to spend an incessant amount of time to comb, brush or style it. One of the main cons of having long hair is that if you do not care for it, it can turn out to be really ugly. When you run into situations such as that, do remember that you read it here!

Long hair takes a LONG time to grow (no pun intended there!). If you are only starting to grow your hair long, you may find that it takes almost forever to reach first to your bottom of the ears, neck then shoulders. Many tend to give up along the way and just choose to go for hair extensions instead.

One of the more well known cons of long hair is that they are more accident-prone. There are many instances where freak accidents have occurred for those with really long hair such as having it get caught in the fan blowers, vacuum cleaners, car doors, drawers and so on.

While having long hair comes with these cons, you will have to look at both sides of the coin to weigh it out yourselves.

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