Demi Lovato's Mom Gets Matching Tattoo

Disney has produced so many teen stars it’s tough to keep tabs on them all; but the one most recently going through the transition from child to adult star, Demi Lovato, is the one grabbing the headlines. Unfortunately, the only reason you grab headlines as a teenage actress is if something horribly wrong has occurred. Such is the celebrity eating machine; you rise, you fall, you’re built back up again.

So when Lovato checked herself into rehab for any number of self-destructive behaviors, we had to hear angry mothers bitch and moan about another role model becoming a bad apple; which is a real problem for parents who are not adequate role models for their children.

The star took to her twitter account (where she does most of her fan communication) to share the news, saying, "My mom's #staystrong tattoo!!! She got one too!!!!!" and "My mom surprised me with it when I was in treatment because that's how all you guys were showing support.. And she wanted to show me how..proud she was of me for getting help and changing my life.. I love her so much."

This story does bring a little bit of brightness to what is typically dark and stormy. Demi got a tattoo which reads “Stay Strong” to remind her of the support she received from her fans, or some such nonsense. In response, her mother got the exact same tattoo in order to support her daughter’s road to recovery. Having that kind of solidarity and goodwill with a parent when you’re going through a tough time is crucial for a kid in her situation, and hopefully this means she’s on her way back to the top of the Disney world - I’m getting tired of Selena Gomez.

Prom Hair : Create Something New!

updos for prom
Prom is the day all are looking towards so they can have fun and enjoy. This is also the day you should look your best and dress the smartest. Here are some prom hair ideas that will help you make your hairstyle look better for the most important day at school.
  • Select your dress well in advance, selecting the dress for the prom will help you finalizing on a hairstyle.
  • Check out whether or not you have the required hair accessory that goes with the dress, otherwise try and get the one required.
  • Try out the hairstyle once or twice. If you are opting for some hairstyle that requires little hard work, make sure you have been practicing to avoid messing up on the day.
  • Use hair products like sprays carefully, some of these could be harmful to your hair. Consult an adult for the selection.
  • If you are aiming at growing your hair and have finalized based on that length of hair, make sure you have kept yourself well within the target and are not stretching the limit.
  • Use hairstyles that allow you to do all the dancing and partying. You should also try and select those which can be fixed easily. Using hairstyle that requires too much work could be a mood spoiler, you could end up looking something different that you wanted to.
  • Always use a conditioner or a mousse before you make a prom hairstyle, these soften the hair and make it easier for you to create hairstyle. These also help in avoiding damage to the hair if you intend using pins and clips.
  • Use as less pins and other accessories as you can, too many can lead to hair breakage or damaged hair.
  • Cute hairstyles should not be overdone; otherwise they will lose the charm and make you look silly instead.
  • Girls with short height should try prom hair updo, or a half up half down prom hairstyle, these will help you in looking taller.
Your hair length, shape of the forehead and face and your dress are the deciding factors of your prom hairstyle.

BBB Prom Updo

prom updos
Updo looks beautiful, there are so many different styles that can make you look like a princess for the prom. There are the classy ones, the traditional ones, the beach style updo, etc. Each one though requires a lot of preparation and also styling. At times, you will require some professional help, because these cannot be done by yourself alone.

updo hairstyles for prom

There are some things you need to know about prom updo:
  • These classy hairstyles take a lot of patience to create
  • These can make you look older.
  • These could be uncomfortable for you to carry of the prom and party later, you need to move carefully a little shake can remove hair from the updo.
  • If there are hair extensions and too many pins being used, you could feel some irritation.
  • You could look older than you are.
  • You should check the face of your shape for the updo, select one which matches perfectly.
So you should select something you are sure about. You should be sure about the updo and be able to carry it easily to the prom. It is also important you should try it out and ensure your hair does not come out. With a classy hairstyle, you will need a classy hair accessory for the prom, make sure you have got it when you finalized the style.

2011 prom updos

There are dozens of prom updo, which include the classic updo which is simplistic yet beautiful. You can also go in for the casual beach style updo which already has strands of hair stylishly allowed to let loose. You will find half up half down hair updo extremely attractive and well suited for the prom.

prom updos
prom updo

Hair updo should be kept in place by spray. You can also highlight the tips of your hair when you opt for funky style which allows all the tips to remain exposed. Using bangs for the forehead is another pretty style. Highlighting also can be done for the front hair, however, it is a difficult process, that will be done better by the stylist.
Updo are special, so are the accessories to be used. Make sure the accessory you are using for the updo is youthful and beautiful. Hope you can get the most beautiful prom updo hairstyle.
Here are some pictures of prom updos:

prom updo hairstyles
updos for prom

Debby Ryan: The "Bittersweet" Suite Life Finale Left Me In Tears!

Disney star Debby Ryan says she will never forget the wonderful years she spent working with Dylan and Cole Sprouse on The Suite Life On Deck but sadly, their show time together has come to an end. After a 3-year run, Disney's The Suite Life aired its final episode last week with an emotional series finale about Zack and Cody high school graduation. Their costar Debby Ryan describes the cast's mix of emotions as bittersweet, though she says they're all very excited for the future.  "There was crying and pretending that we weren’t crying," Ryan told Cambio.. "The thing is, whether or not you always liked each other, you love each other. 
You spend 12 hours a day five days a week with someone for the last three years of your life and you’re going to have such a bond with someone like no one you’ve ever met. It was dramatic but it was also amazing because we were all happy about the things we’re going onto in the future. It was bittersweet."Even the set itself has grown to have a sentimental value for the young star.

She explains that she actually kept "tons of Bailey's wardrobe" after the last day of filming, including the dress she word during her and Cody's first kiss!So where does she see her character in 10 years? "I think Bailey and Cody would be married and more in love than ever," she predicts. "They would probably have a prodigy science wiz kid…Actually you know what? Because of how much Bailey and Cody love school and everything, they would probably have a kid who just wants to be a rapper or something."She also shared some words of wisdom for fans graduating in real life this year. 
"Don’t start your graduation month looking forward to walking on that stage but really spend it looking back on how much you’ve grown."  While Dylan and Cole Sprouse head to New York University, Ryan will star in a new series called Jessie next fall. She'll play the title character, an 18-year-old girl who moves from Texas to New York City and nannies four very wealthy children.In the meantime, Debby shared a closing message with her fans: "I love you, punks!"

hairstyle for party

hairstyle for party
hairstyle for party
hairstyle for party
hairstyle for party
hairstyle for party