Lauren Conrad Hair Formula

Lauren Conrad's Hair Formula - Summer Fall 2009 Hairstyles

Lauren Conrad, better known for her role as LC in the MTV hit-series”The Hills” is a constant attention-grabber. Her fashion sense and hairstyles have become the object of desire by fashionable and trendy modern women. Just how do you get Lauren Conrad's hair formula?

Lauren Conrad's - LC's Long Hair

She has a flair of perfecting those golden highlights in her beautiful hair. They both complement each other so well that nobody would have guessed they were not her natural hair color. You too can achieve Lauren Conrad's hair formula with ease.
Lauren Conrad - LC Hairstyles

Her hair formula is a mix between brunette and blonde and thus, often referred to as blonde-brunette look. You do not need to know her exact hair formula. The simple truth is she has medium to dark brown natural hair color but her well-placed thin golden highlights give her the perfect amount needed for that signature blonde look.
Lauren Conrad - LC's Hair

Her hair color and highlighting is only a small part of her hair formula. You will have to determine which kind of Lauren Conrad hairstyle you would want to be wearing. Whether it is the medium-long straight haircut with side-swept bangs or the long, wavy/curly layered hairstyle, it is all a part of Lauren Conrad's hair formula. For instance, if you want to get her waves and make it look natural yet smooth and full-bodied at the same time, you will need to start by blow-drying your hair. Next, curl your hair with medium hot rollers or medium-barreled curling iron to get those bouncy waves.

There you have it – Lauren Conrad's Hair Formula straight-up just for you!