Natural Wave Hairstyles

Long wavy hairstyles will work for any occasion. Get the long wavy look by wrapping small sections of hair around a medium barrel curling iron and hold in a vertical position. Gisele, see photo left, shows us how this hairstyle is done in Hollywood.

Gisele let out her radiant waves. Layers cut through the edges gave her natural wave lovely bounce and created body and movement all over. This hairstyle is best suited to those with a natural wave or curl.

How to Style:Apply styling mousse to wet hair, then using a large radial brush, smooth the hair concentrating on the bangs and crown area. Apply small amounts of wax to the entire hair to give definition and texture throughout.

2011 Hairstyles Movement

In 2011 hairstyles are all about movement. That may sound like an odd theme as people generally want their hair to stay in place, however this is about a look and is descriptive of the overall feel of 2011 hairstyles. Styles are seen to be moving due to clever hair cutting and styling techniques, for example slashed layers, brushed in various directions, give the illusion of very free moving hair, even if it is held in place with a spray. Lines are dynamic, from arc shaped fringes, to intricate braids, giving extra dimensions to hairstyles and adding interesting twists.

The other noticable trend for 2011 hairstyles, is a candy floss texture. This is new, it is a matt look, and very soft and feminine. It has been seen on many catwalks, with models wearing an extreme version of this style, of course for everyday hairstyles, the look can be toned down, and a little back combing of the top layer of hair, along with a spray of sea salt or wax hairspray, for a matt finish, holds the hair in place.

Center partings are back in fashion, looking best on round and oval shaped faces, a center parting gives a nice symmetry to hairstyles and of course is easy to maintain. With blunt, thick, long bangs / fringes popular in 2011, a center parting is a way to wear the hair on days that you maybe do not have time to style the thick, blunt fringed look. So it gives the option to be versatile with your bangs.

The latest look for bangs (or fringes), as previously mentioned, is a blunt, full look. Rather than being cut straight across, they are being cut in arc shapes, which adds that new look. They are long and so need to be cut regularly, as just hovering above the eyes, too long will be annoying, so you may need to get some hair cutting scissors, to keep your blunt bangs in tip top condition, without breaking the bank.

2011 hairstyles are seen to contain lots of interesting new braiding techniques. Adding braids to hairstyles makes them look more interesting and adds a splash of detail that can give that extra swag to an otherwise common look. Fishtail plaiting is nice, but also basket weaves and really any kind of braid you can imagine. Incorporating a braid into your hair, really looks great and updates any style. You can also buy pre braided hair extensions, that can be clipped in and wound around the head.

Wet looks are fashionable for short cropped hairstyles in 2011, but can also be worn on longer hair, at the tips, giving a just out the shower look, fresh and clean! The other look is big hair, voluminous, but not harsh. Voluminous hair should be softened by using gentle teasing with a comb and sea salt spray. Long hairstyles in 2011 can also be lush, that is, long full and in excellent condition, with perfectly formed waves. If your hair does not have that much volume, hair extensions can be clipped in and in recent years have become more widely available and not expensive.

2011 hairstyles can be any color, but most popular are bright shades of blonde and red, as well as deep multi tonal dark shades for brunettes. Panels of hair color that give the illusion of shine and hairstyles that have different shades in the tips or roots are also popular. When choosing several shades for your hair, keep them within a few shades of the base color, for a modern look.

So with movement and wispy textures being the keys to 2011 hairstyles, the new year is a good time to assess your look and go for a new one. Search for some pictures of 2011 hairstyles to find something you like and then consult your local hair stylist, who will be well informed on how to achieve the latest 2011 hairstyle looks.

Top Men Hairstyles 2011

Men are always conscious of how they look these days and they take into consideration the clothes they wear, their body figure and most of all, their hairstyle. The style of one's hairdo can affect the overall look of a person and if the hairstyle do not fit the individual, one may not look good. For men who are conscious with their hair and who wants to know the Top Men Hairstyles for 2011.

One of the all-time favorite styles is the classic look. It is elegant and it can be worn on any occasion. The hair has to be medium in length or long length and the style will be achieved by putting some hair products such as gel to create a wet look. The sides are swept to the back neatly as well as the long hair in front. A good example of a man that always wears the classic look is Tom Cruise or Brad Pit looking classy wearing some formal suite.

For men who wants short hair always and who doesn't want mess or any hair maintenance, the buzz cut is the perfect choice. It is sometimes called crew cut and it is achieved by tapering the front, back and sides of the head to create a clean look. It gives the face a rounder look and so this cut is not perfect for those face shape that are too round. A lot of Hollywood actors sport this cut and Wentworth Miller is a good example of having the Buzz cut.

For young men, the common and trendy hairstyle is the spiky hair. To achieve this look the hair must be in medium length and hair products has to be used such as wax and gel to make the spiky look. There are many types of spiky look and each style caters to both formal and non-formal occasion.

Another trendy style for 2011 is the layered cut. This is very common for Asians as they have glossy hair and straight hair. This look will be more enhanced when hair products will be used to enhance its luster. The layered cut can also be combined with the spiky hair to create a rugged look among men.

Last of all, the messy hair never goes out of style. Due to the increase in number of many hair products for men, the messy hairstyle is easy to achieve. Gel and wax will create messy hair it can be worn both in formal and non-formal events. There are different ways to style messy hair according to face shape and type of occasion it will be worn.

There are still other Top Men Hairstyles for 2011 and the most common ones are found above. If you want to have one of the looks listed above, consult some hairdresser first before having the cut. Not all hairstyle will fit every man's face shape and look.

Elegant Low Chignon Hairstyles

One of Hollywood’s best dressed young starlets, Camilla Belle always looks fabulous whether she is walking the red carpet or shopping Hollywood. Camilla Belle’s style is sophisticated and classy and her hairstyles are none the less.

How to get this Camilla Belle Hairstyle:
  • Apply a styling foam such as Joico K Pak Thermal Designing Foam to damp hair.
  • Using a large flat brush smooth hair as you blow dry until hair is completely dry.
  • Section your hair so that you can work with the bottom under layers of your hair first, pinning the top half of your hair up and out of the way.
  • Using a large barreled curling iron, curl 2″ sections of hair, rolling the curling iron up and stopping at chin level. Hold for 5-10 seconds and release. Repeat on all of your hair.
  • Create a side part and take the section of hair from one side from in front of your ear and up to your temple and pull it back, slightly twisting it and secure the section underneath your hair at the back of your head using a couple of bobby pins.
  • Shape and loosen curls using your fingers, pulling them over the opposite shoulder of the side you pinned your hair on and apply a flexible hold hairspray all over to help set your hairstyle.

Blonde Wavy Hairstyles

Gillian Amalia Zinser is an American actress, known for her appearances as Ivy Sullivan in 90210. She attended New York University in New York City, NY. Prior to 90210 she appeared in Southland, Cold Case and Cupid. She played a recurring role in 90210 during the second season from 2009 to 2010, as a young Californian surfer named Ivy Sullivan. In February 2010, she was signed as a regular cast member for the third season of the show.

Actress Gillian Zinser showed off her unique style and long locks when she arrived for the star-studded People StyleWatch event in Los Angeles. Gillian Zinser wore her blonde hair styled in tousled waves and added her own colorful twist with her pink highlights.

Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut

A fringe is a shaped cutting of the front part of the hair so that it is combed forward and hangs or curls over the forehead. A classic fringe is cut fairly straight at or above the eyebrows, but fringes can also be ragged or ruffled, spiked up with hair gel, swept to one side or the other, and sometimes they are cut longer to partially cover the eyes.
Ashley Olsen Layered Fringe Hairstyle
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut

Hairstyles that feature fringes or bangs have come and gone out of fashion as frequently as other hairstyles, and they can be worn in any number of styles. Influential fringe wearers in modern times have included silent movie actress Louise Brooks, 1950s glamour model Bettie Page and actress Elizabeth Taylor in the role of Cleopatra.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, poofy, curly, teased fringes were in fashion. In 2007, the fringe saw another massive revival as a hair trend, this time thick, deep and blunt-cut. In October 2007, style icon and model Kate Moss changed her hairstyle to have a fringe, signalling the continuation of the trend into 2008
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Girls Fringe Hairstyle
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Fringed Bangs Hairstyles
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Caldwell Kimberly Fringe Haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Rachel Hairstyles with Fringe
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Heidi Klum with Fringe Hairstyle
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Celebrity Jessica Alba Fringe Hairstyle
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut
Hairstyles with Fringe - Fringe haircut

A Brief Guide to Wedding Hairdos

With Britain’s Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton (April 29th 2011), it seemed nearly the entire world was caught up in “wedding fever”. It also brings to mind an opportunity to discuss some of the basics of “Wedding Hairstyles” that might help a future bride to explain to her stylist just what it is she is looking for on her big day. Bridal hairstyles fall into three main categories, which are defined by the amount of hair and its position on the head: Down-Style, Partial Up-Style, Full Up-Style. These categories are pretty self-explanatory, and each contains a range of looks within their boundaries.
The down-styles include those hairstyles where the hair is smoothed straight and silky, allowed to hang down the back in a sleek curtain. It also includes those full-volume styles where the hair is curled into a massive mane, and designed to offer balance to the body frame, as well as complimenting the neckline and shape of the wedding dress. Partial Up-Styles are traditionally popular for less formal weddings. These hairdos take a portion of the hair and arrange it into an up-style while allowing the remainder of the hair to be worn unconfined. The “partial up-style” may involve the hair on one side or the other, the hair at the crown (with the remainder falling loosely) or the more traditional look of the hair in the forward sections with the back hanging freely.

      Full Up-Styles are precisely that – hairstyles that utilize all of the hair into a style that is generally up and confined off of the neck and shoulders. The full up-style can vary greatly, and can have at its base a French twist, tight bun, simple chignon or any number of other looks. Full up-styles can be extravagantly ornate, or minimally simple. It once again all depends on the gown being worn and the ability of the hairdo to balance the features.

Down Styles
The following are typical down-styles that are still elegant and well-suited to wear in a formal or casual wedding environment. These are by no means the ONLY options available in a down-style and should be simply taken as a beginning launch point for choosing your wedding look.

The Veronica Lake Style 
Veronica Lake was an iconic beauty known for her long, flowing and well controlled waves that spilled across her face and shoulders like satin. In her heyday during the 1940s, common styling techniques included roller sets, and more often, fingerwaving. Much of the signature wave of the Veronica Lake look comes from the latter technique. Using fingerwaves, the hair can be molded into a specific pattern that follows a pleasing line to frame the face and create balance where needed in the features. The strong vertical lines of the style make it a good choice for many rounder-faced individuals.
Full-Volume Style
While it isn’t quite as often seen in more modern weddings, the full-volume style is popular among those brides with very wavy hair and long-layered cuts. The style typically uses a roller set to create masses of curl in the hair and is carefully combed out to keep most of the curl intact, diffused and airy. The style itself has been referred to as a “Gypsy Cut” because of the luxurious and naturally romantic aspect of the particular look.This look is especially good for those with naturally curly hair and can use the styling tools to enhance or reshape the curl, or simply make use of the natural curl.

Long Bangs Short Hairsyles

Sporting an easy to wear hair style can save us from the long hours spent in front of the mirror when trying to add a well-defined shape to our locks. These long bangs short hair styles are another examples of the versatility and universal effect of cute crops. Those who decided to make the cut will have the opportunity to choose from zillion types of haircuts depending on their face shape as well as character.

Practical meets aesthetics in the shape of these cool cuts. The bangs indeed have the power to dress up your short haircut with a modern and chic vibe. Pick your favorite layered bangs length and design to make sure you paired the right trend with your hair texture.

Therefore make sure you take advantage of the infinite benefits of bangs waiting for your to try them out. Super-long, choppy bangs with heavy layered texture are the real deal for those who are eager to popularize a more edgy look. Comb the locks in your face and keep the hair super-sleek to make the effect even more sculptural. Use a high quality flat iron if you wish to guarantee the long-lasting glam effect of your hairdo.

On the other hand if you're blessed with a wavy or curly hair texture, the effect can be equally sight-pleasing. In this case layering will definitely help you tame those unruly locks and add them some definition and depth.

After The Rose Special Hair

Last night, Emily Maynard landed her man by getting a proposal from The Bachelor, Brad Womack. At last night’s After The Rose special Emily stunned us, not only with her stories about their relationship, but also with her gorgeous hairstyle. Emily kept it simple with long straight blonde locks with a slight side part. The highlights in her vibrant blonde added some real depth to her colour. Blonde is a huge colour for spring with many stars copying Emily’s summery colour.

To get her look, use a smoothing cream on wet hair. We have brought together many options on styling products that will help your hair stay straight no matter the season. Blow dry your hair dry and use a flat iron to smooth it out, ensuring to flip some of your hair to one side for her part. A trendy spring middle part would also be a stylish update to this hairstyle. Finish the look with a smoothing serum, like MoroccanOil, that will stop flyaways throughout the day and protect your hair from the elements.

Cody Simpson Medium Hairstyle with Bangs

Fourteen year old Aussie singer Cody Simpson and heartthrobs Big Time Rush aren't just great singers, they've also got big hearts! Last Friday Cody and the guys from BTR performed at the City of Hope concert at Universal Studios, in Hollywood! They each sang before The Spirit of Life Awards were presented. Also on the bill was another one of our faves--the Jonas Bros, lucky audience!The boys from BTR are now off to perform in Florida and Cody is returning to his tour with Greyson Chance.

Hair Style:  Cody Simpson has a medium hairstyle with bangs on the side of his forehead.
Hair Cut:  This is a medium haircut
Hair Colour:  Blonde

Suitable for
Face shapes: oval, oblong, heart, diamond
Hair texture: medium
Hair density: dense

Maintenance: easy
Time: 5 to 10 min
Techniques: blow dry, finger dry
Products: mousse, men molding paste, smoothing shine

Minka Kelly's for Long Hairstyles

When Minka Kelly stepped out to fete her new movie, The Roommate, in early February, we couldn't take our eyes off her hair: Have you ever seen such shine! Not only was the Friday Night Lights star named Esquire's Sexiest Woman of 2010, she also gets our vote for sporting the hottest hairstyles for long hair this year.
With a new movie and the Esquire honor, Minka has been making the red carpet rounds and never fails to dazzle us with her varied trendy hairstyles for long hair. Most recently, as seen above, Minka rocked a classic curly look amplified by highlights and glossy shine, but she also likes to experiment. See more of Minka Kelly's hairstyles for long hair.Minka's fishbone braid, swept across one shoulder, is a super-sassy hairstyle for long hair that swept the Spring 2011 runways.

For a fresh young hairstyle for long hair, curl your locks with a large barrel curling iron. Then part on one side
and pull tresses into a ponytail letting bangs frame your forehead. Looking for hairstyles for long hair that pack major sex appeal? Try Minka's long straight mane. For the full effect, slick back the sides with just a dab of product:

Or go for a softer look with side-swept bangs and lots of layers. Curl just a few small sections for extra texture:

New Hairstyles Motivation

New Hairstyles, Curly Hairstyles, Best Hairstyles, Long Hairstyles, Updo HairstylesThe soft wavy look is one new addition to the in list that has been growing in popularity this season.
A variety of hair styles, colors, and trends are growing in popularity for 2009. New hair styles for 2009 include hair of varying lengths, from curly and wavy to sleek and straight. Some of the old standbys from 2008 are still going to be popular in 2011.

This season, one of the hottest looks is a short cut. Not just any short cut though. The newest version of the short hair cut is longer layers and fringe in the front with the back cut in shorter, softer layers.

There are many different hairstyles that have been popular over the years. A hairstyle that was popular in years back was the mullet cut. Now days, long styles, even emo hairstyles, are growing very popular among boys and girls. You may not see many people sporting a mullet, but many people do have emo hair and other long hairstyles. Once upon a time, it was customary for a man to have short hair, and a woman to have long hair. That is not the case anymore

Spice Art of Hairstyles

The intricate design, the attention paid to detail, the elaborate patterns and colours...we Are not talking about wallpaper here people, this is all about hair! Unless your hairstyle is extremely out there, you may have never experienced the ooohs and ahhhs of onlookers with their eyes fixed on your tresses.

ANGELO SEMINARA of Trevor Sorbie Hair Salon is not only accustomed to getting attention for his  inventive looks, he thinks outside of the box to create hairstyles that onlookers can’t stop staring at. Behold Angelo’s canvas-the head! Also behold one of his latest collections, GAME; one can see the art behind the images and the detail that is required to create something so beautiful. With hairstyles like these, who wants to wash their hair?

What does Angelo has to say about his work?
I love combining art with hairdressing, and so this new tinting technique was a natural development for me to achieve the results I really wanted. I wanted to create something really revolutionary for this collection, and for the overall spirit of the pictures to be like fine art drawings - soft, beautiful and ethereal. My vision for the girls was to create gorgeous astral dolls!

The natural world inspired this collection where snakes, mackerel, reptiles and birds are more the obvious choice for attire, but somehow Angelo makes it work for hair!

Hard to believe this is actual hair and not skin from a reptile. This might not typically be the sort of hairstyle one will wear on a jaunt down the street but when evening comes if you want to be all eyes on you.