Easy Prom Hairstyles 2011

It is prom and you are already fretting about the hairstyle you would be wearing on your prom dress. To look fabulous you need to choose a good dress and accessories, at the same time you need hairstyle that matches the dress. You cannot choose a formal hairstyle for a party dress, the hairstyle needs to be glamorous and pretty.

There are several hairstyles which can be done within minutes, if you have the required paraphernalia. However, not everyone will get a hairstyle right at the first go, so you need to practice this hairstyle once or twice before the prom. Here are some easy ones that will make you look like a million dollars for your prom:
Wavy long/medium hair: For girls with long or medium hair, making waves is easy. You do not require too much stuff to get through with this style, all you require is the hair iron, curlers, dryer or you can use the scrunch technique to achieve waves. These look very sexy, these could make you look a little grown up. Also the hairstyle looks great on short dresses as well as casuals like jeans, etc., depending on what you are wearing for the prom.
Loose/Long Curls: These are easy to achieve too, simply curl your hair with curling iron or use curlers, you have got the large and loose curls within 30 minutes. Moreover this can be done within no time and without anyone’s help. These look good on long hair.
picture of Easy Prom Hairstyles 2011


Short Hair: Your hair does not need much styling, since the style is very much in the haircut. However, for a party you can use a messy look or use twists for your hair. You can use a natural hair spray for this purpose.

prom hairstyle for short hair 

Boys can try you some chic hairstyles for the prom, these easy to do hairstyles can be clipped layered hair, this perfectly suits those who have straight hair and would like to sport the handsome yet wild look. Try out something spunky by using twisted or the wavy hair, this suits boys with longer hair.

2011 long prom hairstyle