Hot hairstyle from Korean Star Bi Rain

Asian fashion short hairstyle with bangs for men

cool male hairstyle 2009
2009 Stylish haircuts for men
2009 summer hairstyle for men
2009 Stylish haircuts for men
Hot guys haircuts from Rain.
hot guys haircuts from Rain

Hairstyles for Brunettes 2009-2010

Hairstyles for Brunettes 2009-2010 Trends

People are always mistaken thinking that brunettes have a bland hair color. The truth is, there are so many shades of brown, it truly makes being a brunette unique. Even if you put two brunettes together, each person would have a different shade of brown. Now, there are great styles for those who have blonde or even black hair. Here are some great styles for those who were born with brunette colored hair.
Hairstyles for Brunettes 2009-2010 Trends

The great thing about being a brunette is the fact that any hair type or style is going to look great on you. You can either wear your hair long and straight, or you can add some extra waves throughout your style. You can choose to cut the hair short and wear it with short layers. Of course your style is going to depend on the type of person that you are. If you fit within the indie, hipster scene then you might to like to have a more natural look.
Hairstyles for Brunettes 2009-2010 Trends

This is where the hair is dried naturally and the natural waves or curls can really start to show. It is also very important that you maintain the shine in your hair. Make sure that you keep an eye out for those nasty split ends as well. Getting regular trims will help keep your hair looking bright and healthy. Brunettes have a lot of options that they can choose from for their hair. If you are a brunette, looking for a new change, you should look at these styles. Look for something cute and casual. That is what most people are aiming for these days.

Emo Hairstyles for Boys

Emo Hairstyles for Boys
- 2009-2010 Hair Trends

The Emo hairstyle has become quite a popular fixture within the fashion world. This style has been around for a few years now and what started by the younger folks. Not only can a girl pull off the Emo style, but so can guys. Take a look at some of these excellent Emo hairstyle for guys. You may be surprised at what you find! When it comes to guys hairstyles, there is not a lot to them. Guys like to wear their hair short or long just like girls. When it comes to the Emo style you are sort of going long and short at the same time. For guys, it is easy to keep the hair short in the back and the bangs longer.
You can also look into some choppy Emo has well. Most of these styles are also a little bit layered as well. When you sit down with your stylist, make sure that you have an idea about what it is you actually want. With a style like this, you do need to be a little bit specific. The more that your stylist knows about the style that you want, the closer your are going to get to that style.
There are some products that you can put into your hair as well. Take a look into strong hold hairsprays and styling putty. These products will help to enhance your hair and give you that look that you are looking for. Get down to your stylist today and get the Emo hairstyle for guys!

Bright Harajuku Hair

Asian guys hot haircuts
Japanese fashion haircuts gor guys

This harajuku haircut is awesome. A lot of fashionable guys love this kinda hairstyle.

Kate Hudson Hair

Kate Hudson Lovely Blonde Hairstyle

Kate Hudson has been making us giggle over the last 10 years. We have seen her in some great movies such as “Bride Wars” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”. Because this actress is so popular, many people look to her as a simple fashion icon. Her hair is something that many women wish that they could have.
We all know that Kate gets her long locks from her celebrity mom, Goldie Hawn. Both actresses have been known to share the same long, wavy blonde hair. Kate likes to have her waves look a little bit tighter. Goldie on the other hand, likes to have that naturally dry look. The waves are all natural and the hair is bright and golden. Kate has also been seen with straight hair. This really brings out the shine in her hair. If you want to have a look like this, there are a few items that you need. Make sure that you have a ceramic straightener and a product that will accentuate the shine. If you want that naturally wavy look, all you need is some mousse. Simply scrunch up your hair and let it dry out.
Kate Hudson Lovely Blonde Locks

If you are looking for a great long hairstyle, Kate Hudson has a great style. Right now, she continues to wow us on the silver screen. Take a look around online and find a picture that you can take to your stylist. This is a style that can easily be cut as well as maintained once you get home!

Hairstyling Tips for Men

Hairstyling Tips for Men - Summer Fall 2009

Most women think that men have it easy when it comes to their hair. The fact is, men do have to do a lot less to get their hair looking great than women. You may be surprised by the number of men that do not know how to style their hair correctly. Here are some great tips that will help any man style his hair the right way!
Brad Pitt Cares About Hair Hair

Make sure that your hair is already trimmed and looking neat. This is going to make it a lot easier to style your hair. Get down to the barber first and get everything trimmed and cleaned up. From there, you are going to want to look into a variety of hair products. Most men today, who care about their style use hair products on a daily basis. Now, if you are a man, you should not need too much product for your hair. Take a look into using a nice mousse or a hair spray. There are even products out there for men that will prevent hair loss. It simply depends on your hair type and what you think that you need for your hair.
When it comes to styling your own hair, men do not need to do too much work. Make sure that you start out with a fresh cut and the right products. Play around with your hair and find out what is going to work best for you. Hairstyling for men should only take about 5 minutes out of your day!

Popular College Hair Trends

Latest College Hair Trends 2009

College students
definitely play a very large role when it comes to new fashion trends. The average college student spends around 3 to 4 hours on the internet. Within that time they are surfing the net looking at various celebrities. If they like a style that they see, they will implement that style.
Latest College Hair Trends 2009

One of the most popular styles out there is the beach look. This look is very popular among colleges on the west coast. The weather there is a lot warmer and warrants shorts and t-shirts. The girls like to wear their hair up in loose ponytails or with loose waves. These types of hair trends are very easy to manage. Once you get up in the morning, you simply to need to put your hair up and you are ready to go! For the guys, the latest trend is having longer hair. Most guys today like to grow out the hair. Other guys still do like the clean cut look. This is a hairstyle that will never go out of style. Girls are cutting their hair short more often these days. Adding short layers or a choppy cut will definitely set you above the rest style wise.
College kids today are the ones that are in charge of the trends. They decide which styles are popular and which ones need to be thrown out. If you are in search of a new style, take a walk around your local university. This will give you a great idea about which styles are the right ones for you.
Photos/Stefie Jones

Nam Hyun Joon Short Hairstyles

Asian Fashion Short Haircuts For Men -Mens Asian haircuts

Asian Fashion Short Haircuts For Men

Nam Hyun Joon, often referred to as Poppin' Hyun Joon or Happy Hyun Joon, is a famous Korean contemporary dancer. He is best known for his unique popping techniques. He is also a former rapper for Young Turks Club, and is now going back to the music industry, with his recent release of his latest album One & Only.

mens short Asian haircuts
mens short asian haircuts

Hair Products for Men

Hair Products for Men

There are hundreds of different hair products within the current market today. Many stylists are learning how to create their own products. Recently, stylists have been focusing on the men’s side of hair and fashion. They are now creating various products that are design to boost and help the hair grow and stay in place. Take a look here and see which products might work great for you.
Every Man Can Look Sexy

One of the things that men worry about the most is hair loss. Men that are in their 30’s are especially worried about premature hair loss. Luckily for them, there are plenty of products that are just for men. These products come in the form of sprays and shampoos. You could be growing your hair back each morning while you give your hair a wash!
If hair loss is not on your mind, you must be thinking about body. Men love to have that natural out of bed look. In order to get this look, a good strong mousse will definitely be the best start. Simply run a small handful of mousse throughout your hair after a shower. From there you can let the hair dry naturally and run some styling putty through it. The putty will give your hair the hold. If your hair is being tricky, simply pull out your trusty hairspray. When it comes to men and hair products, you really only need to have a few products to help you out, start looking around right now!

Rock Hair Trends 2009

Rock Hair Trends 2009

Everyone loves to look like a famous musician! Most people today rely on music in order to get them through the day. When we are sad, sometimes it just takes our favorite song ti pick us up just a little bit. Our moods can be changed when we listen to particular types of music. Why not let your hairstyle match your music taste?
Rock Hair Trends 2009

The rock hairstyle is something that has never gotten old. When people think about rock music, they think about long crazy hair. This type of style has remained popular among both men and women. The hair is typically longer and wavier. You really do not need to do too much to this style. Instead of going for the naturally dry look like the indie look, you will need to use a blow dryer. Talk to your stylist about getting the right rick look.
Rock Hair Trends 2009

For men, the hair should either be about medium length. The hair can be layered for men as well and then straightened from there. Of course, this depends on the guy and the style of that guy. Make sure that your clothes match that rock style as well. It is very important that your hair matches the type of style that you like. The rock look needs to match all the way around.
Rock Hair Trends 2009

The rock hairstyle is something that will always be very popular. Your stylist should be able to give that look that you are searching for. Find out right now which rock style will work for you take your time and find the best one!

Avril Lavigne's Hair Color

Avril Lavigne's Hair Color

Beautiful teenage Canadian rocker Avril Lavigne is best known for her individualistic character. She is well known for her catchy, pop-rock tunes as well as her unique and trendy hairstyles. Although she is generally seen as a tomboy, her hairstyle features a touch of femininity. Her hair color are often labeled as “wild” and “out of this world”. Let's take a closer look at Avril's hair color.
Avril Lavigne's Hair Color

Her original, natural hair color is dirty blond. Coupled with her long, straight hairstyles, they have often been the hallmark of strong healthy hair. If you want to emulate her hair color, you should take the first step of dyeing your hair color to a dirty blond shade. Surf images of Avril Lavigne's dirty blond hair color for the exact shade.
Next, choose a “wild” or “out of this world” hair color and apply it to different parts of your hair. Avril Lavigne have had a host of many different wild hair colors – from hot pink tips to black tips to a single light pink streak of hair. It is definitely for the young, bold, trendy and adventurous who dare to be different.
What I can recommend you is to try different over-the-counter, semi-permanent shades first to get the exact Avril Lavigne hair color you would like to have. Once you have successfully done that, go for a permanent color – either doing it yourself or at the salon.
The above are perfect illustrations of Avril Lavigne's hair color.

Musician Hairstyles

Musician Hairstyles For Latest Trendy Hair

Musicians are people who are completely different from the world around them. They have minds that work in a very different way. They have also been known to make quite a fashion statement.
Jonas Brothers

If you are looking for a brand new look or feel, you might want to start with your hair. There are plenty of musician hairstyles that you can look at. Narrow your search down and find the right cut for you right here!

Take a look at the Jonas Brothers. Girls all over the world are screaming out for these young studs. Right now, the naturally longer and curly hair is in style among males. The Jonas Brothers have been perfect examples of fashion for young men for awhile now.

Take a look at your hair and find out with style you should go with. if you are in the older crowd, you may want to take a look at Katy Perry’s style. She has some excellent color as well as cut. The color of her hair is darker which makes her bright blue eyes simply pop out at you.

The fact of the matter is every musician has their own style. The musicians that we choose to follow reflect on our personal style. Most musicians have the scruffier longer look. Girls can either have longer hair or the pixie cut that was started by the band The Pixies. Find out which musician hairstyle might be the right one for you. Remember, when it comes to music things can get a bit wild.


Pixie Asian Haircuts

Asian hairstyles for men -pixie hairstyles
Asian hairstyles for men -??????
Asian hairstyles for men -cropped haircuts
Asian hairstyles for men -??????

Ways To Accent Your Hair

Accenting Your Hair - Summer Fall 2009 Hair Tips

There are plenty of ways to accent your hair and make it look fabulous. Some people like to pin their hair back while others like to go all out with beads. If you want to have some fabulous hair, take a look at the types of accents that you can add to your hair. They only take a few minutes and you will look incredible!
Accent Your Hair With Hair

The first accent is one of the most popular types. Barretts are great for those who need to pin their hair back. If you have longer bangs and you want to get them out of your face, pin them back with a nice barrett. There are so many different styles that you can choose from. Take a look online and try to find one that matches your style. If you are looking for something that lasts a little bit longer, try beads. Beads are great because they last for a few weeks. You can get them done by your stylist and they do not cost as much as you might think. Bobby pins are a very simply way to accent your hair. Most people these days are buying the bobby pins with flowers glued to them. This is another great way to pin your hair back and look great.
If you are looking to spice up your current hairstyle, try out some barretts and beads. These are just a few simple ways that you can accent your hair without spending too much money. Talk to your stylist or get online to see what kind of hair accent options that you have!

Photo by Noadi

2009 - 2010 Fall Winter Hair Trends

2009 - 2010 Fall Winter Hair Trends

There are new hair trends coming out each season. When the weather starts to get a little bit on the cooler side, people want to start letting their hair down. There are plenty of hair trends coming up in the nearing Fall and Winter seasons. Find out which trends are going to be hot and which ones will look great on your hair!
Because people have longer hair in the colder seasons, it can be hard to get any style. Usually for someone with longer hair to get style, they just need to add something to their hair. This may be some longer layers or even some bangs. Bangs are a great way to help shape your face. You can have them swept to the side or wear them straight down. It simply depends on what you want.
There are some great short hairstyles that you can look into as well. The bob will probably never get old at this. Take a look into some choppy layers and just freshen everything up. This will help to add some great body to your hair, if that is what you are lacking.
The internet is going to be the first place to go for 2009 Fall Winter hair trends. This is where all of the pictures and ideas are going to be. Once you find the perfect trend, take a picture of it down to your hair stylist. From there, you just need to sit tight and you will have your style for 2009.
Photo by Stefie Jones