How Often Should I Wash My Hair

How Often Should I Wash My Hair - 2009 Hair Care Tips

There are many questions that people want to know the answer. For instance, how often should I wash my hair? That is a question that we all may have a hunch about. Some said that you can wash your hair too much and others may say that you cannot wash it enough. Well we are about to see. Now some of us were told to wash our hair everyday to keep it clean and bug free. But did you know that over washing your hair will dry out your hair. This makes it easy to become damage and brittle.

Hair Washing Depends on the Condition of Your Hair

Some hair types and textures require the hair to be washed more than others. If your hair gets oily fast then you may want to wash your hair more often than just once or twice a week. Oil builds up in your scalp and clogs your pores to stop hair growth.
How often you wash your hair is totally up to you and your hair type. They're really is no limit to how often to wash your hair. Some people may wash their hair once a week, while others may wash their hair once a month. It really all depends on the condition or health of your hair.
You would want to make sure that you keep your hair washed always to help it to remain healthy. It is never too late to begin to give your hair the proper care that it needs to stay healthy and growing.

Photo/Stefie Jones