Sarah Harding Short Hair

Sarah Harding's Short Hair - Cool Looking Short Blonde Hair

Looking for a haircut that allows you to go bold and go big? Sarah Harding has been one of those celebrities known to make a statement. Her bright blonde hair is a perfect example. Take a look at her current hairstyle and see what you like about it. Who knows, it may be time to cut off just a bit of that length.
Sarah Harding's Short Hair

Sarah Harding has a great short style that will work with most people’s hair. This style is simple and easy to manage. Her hair is a lot shorter in the back and her bangs are more prominent in the cut. This is something that would simply need to be dried and straightened in the morning. This basically means that you are look at ten minutes of making up your hair and you are good to go!
The style will work with any hair color out there, Sarah Harding has always been known for her fashion. Right now, she is enjoying her attention from the platinum blonde hair. The bangs are a great feature to play around with. You will either see Harding wearing the bangs to the side, or you can see them over her eye. This gives her a great look of mystery as well as elegance.
You may think of Sarah Harding and become reminded of supermodel Twiggy. The hairstyle is very alike. If you feel that this might be a great style for you, sit down with your stylist. Ask them to take a look at your hair and see what they think. If the hairstyle is going to work for you, then you should have no problem maintaining the perfect look!

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