Hair Colors Summer Fall 2009

Hair Colors For Summer and Fall 2009

When it comes to hair colors for Summer and Fall of 2009, the newest trends may surprise you. For many women their hair is one of their most prized assets, and they take great care when grooming their locks. Healthy, shining hair styled with a great cut and color that compliments the skin tone gives a wonderful boost to a woman’s self-confidence. The key is to find the perfect hairstyle and coloring for you, which can take a bit of research. Looking at the latest style trends is a good place to begin.
Although the shades of red and blond don’t work for everyone, both light auburn and champagne blond colors suit more skin tones than regular auburn color and peroxide blond. A good example of the peroxide blonde color done well was shown by the supermodel Kate Moss who wore her hair in fringe style blunt-cut in a photo shoot for Interview magazine, setting a key hair color trend in 2009. Many women find the chocolate shades of brunette boring, but this can be remedied by adding highlights of blond or red that compliments the intensity of the brunette color to add some spice for summer. Start your search for the best hair colors for Summer and Fall 2009 for your beautiful locks by identifying your face shape and skin tone, the two things that can make or break your look. If you want to keep your graying hairs in check, it’s best to use a hair color that is lighter than your natural shade.

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