Katie Holmes Bob Haircuts

Katie Holmes Bob Hairstyles - Summer Fall 2009

Katie Holmes Bob haircuts over the years have been one of the hottest conversations in the fashion world, especially when she decided to wear the “pob” hairstyle invented by Victoria Beckham.

Katie Holmes Bob Hairstyles

There are numerous celebrities choosing to style their hair in the face-flattering chin-length bob that Katie wore in 2008. The classic bob hairstyle has seen plenty of variations and today this hairstyle is worn cut shorter in the back, with the longer chin length sections of hair in the front. The shape of Katie Holmes face makes it perfect for the bob haircut, which is very much like the idealized flapper image of the “Roaring Twenties.” Beside the precision cut, what makes this hairstyle work so well for her is the hair color that’s used. Although highlighting is a popular styling trend, solid colors work best in this haircut.
Katie Holmes has experimented with several bob haircuts and looks great in every style, which is a credit to the versatility of it; it suits most hair and face types. While she looked elegant in the classic bob, the angled, razor cut bob accented her sex appeal, giving her a little bit dangerous look. This edgy look is quite fitting for the wife of the “Mission Impossible” movie star Tom Cruise. Many celebrities like Katie Holmes like the way the angled bob is layered and textured in the front while the hair at the back of the head is cut to taper gradually. She has used both fringe and side-swept bangs on different occasions for a softer look.

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