How Long is Long Hair?

How Long is Long Hair - Summer Fall 2009 Hair Edition

This is a very good question but one that is open to debate. Different individuals have different perceptions of the definition for long hair. In certain instances, the definition of long hair differs between cultures or inter-culture in itself. Long hair is also often seen as a sign of good health and thus, often seen as a reflection of the person wearing it. I will bring you through several examples to illustrate the varying definitions of long hair and leave you to decide on your own at the end of it.
How Long is Long Hair

Women are generally more inclined to have long hair as opposed to men. Women with long hair is often considered to be feminine while short-haired women are seen as masculine. For a start, women with hair up to their chin may be considered as having short hair in certain cultures while in other cultures, men with that very same hair-length is said to have long hair.
In certain religions such as Sikh, it is a must for men to don their hair long and keep it under a turban. The hair length can go as long as to the waist when released and thus, it is considered to be a 'norm' in that particular culture and religion. However, despite everything that has been said, surveys have shown that the it is generally accepted that shoulder-length hair is considered to be long; for both women and men alike. Still, what really constitutes long hair is a question that will always be open to debate.

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