Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium Length Hairstyles - Paula Abdul's Hair

Women in the spotlight such as Paula Abdul have been wearing style breaking medium hairstyles for decades, and making them a beautiful addition to starlets everywhere. Here are a few ideas on how to recreate the wavy medium hairstyle that Paula wore on Fox in 2008.
Paula Abdul's Hair Medium Length Hairstyle

To create the wavy medium hairstyle Paula wears normally, hot rollers and a hair dryer are required as well as mousse, smoothing shine and lacquer or wax. This style is great for women with oval or diamond shaped faces, as this creates a frame around the face. To begin, the hair should be wet, and apply the mousse throughout the hair evenly. Distribute the mousse through with a round brush to have an even application. Place the hot rollers into the hair starting at the ends, carefully wrapping ends inside the first complete layer of hair. Roll up the entire head, and then blow dry. This should take about a half an hour to complete including the styling. Remove the rollers, and tousle the curls with fingers only and apply wax between the palms of your hands to distribute over the curls as you go.
For the straight medium hairstyle sported on Fox, wet or dry hair can be used. A straightening balm or wax and smoothing shine serum should be applied prior to beginning. Use a straightening iron on the entire head, working through pieces about 1 inch wide until the entire head is done. At the roots, apply hairspray while holding the hair up, so as to give lift and body.