Is Long Hair Going Out of Fashion?

Is Long Hair Going Out of Fashion? I Don't Think So!

What is your response when you come across this statement? For me personally, I must say that I disagree 110% (if there was such a thing!). You might be wondering why I have such a strong disagreement to it? Having been in the fashion industry for a good enough period, I feel I am in the right position to offer my opinion as someone who is directly involved.

Long Hairstyle; Forever Trendy And Sexy

I have seen many different hairstyles from different eras – from the 70s hippies to 80s New Wave, Mohawks, Glam Rock to many more. Still, one thing is evident and that is long hairstyles are always a fashion statement in itself and donned by the likes of top officials to celebrities to the common public. It is a timeless classic and will never go out of fashion!
If you do not believe me, simply take a look at your fashion magazines. Open up your wedding catalog or just surf the net for the matter. Chances are, you will see more long hairstyles compared to short ones. Not only is long hairstyles a classic favorite of the female gender, men can also look good while sporting long hair (think singer Kid Rock, wrestler Triple H/The Game or villain Lucius Malfroy in the Harry Potter installments).
So, there really isn't two ways about it. Long hair is not going out of fashion and never will. It is very much here to stay and will continue to play an integral role in making a strong fashion statement.

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