Great Ideas For Teen Boys Haircuts in 2010

Great Ideas For Teen Boys Hairstyles in 2010

Teens all over the world love to follow trends, whether it comes to fashion, hair or make-up. Gone are the days where boys left the style decisions to their mothers or older sisters. They are taking charge especially when it comes to hair, so here are some great ideas for teen boys hairstyles.

The simplest style to achieve is the short cut. This is great because it is easy to maintain and manage, and perfect for any teen on the go. For a more active look you could go for the spiky look. With this style the length of the cut is around an inch on the top and a bit shorter on the sides. The spikes can all be styled upwards or in a range of directions for a messier look. For a more noticeable style there is always the Mohawk. This has been in fashion for a long time and is not only limited to punk rockers.

For teen boys with longer hair, there is the straight or the curly look. The straight look just needs a middle or a side path and the hair is left to just hang. This is great for guys who have naturally straight hair. For some more personality some layers or a fringe can be added to the style. For boys who have naturally curly or thick hair, angel curls are the way to go. To get a great set of curls, a diffuser or even hot rollers can be used. There is nothing wrong with a guy owning his very own set of hot rollers if he really likes the curly look.

These are just some great ideas for teen boys hairstyles. The choice should be based on hair types, what is liked the most and what is the easiest to maintain.