5 Hottest Black Hairstyles For Spring, Summer 2010

5 Hottest Black Hairstyles For Spring, Summer 2010

Hairstyle trends come and go with every season, and it is always great to stay updated. When it comes to black hair, the styles are practically limitless. Here are the 5 hottest black hairstyles for 2010.

The most popular trend as far as black hair goes is the smooth and straight look. The good news is that the style isn’t hard to achieve at all. You don’t even need to use harsh chemicals to straighten it. All you need is a good straightening iron. To protect your hair from heat damage and to keep it looking healthy you should always use a moisturizing lotion after you have washed it. To give it that extra glam you can finish it off with some smoothing shine.

The two trendy short styles are the bob and the pixie cut. With a bob you can rock it with or without the bangs, but always be sure that you are comfortable with the length. If your hair is really short you could get a pixie cut. These cuts can range from soft to razor sharp, to having an almost rocky appearance. Whatever style you choose the pixie cut will give you a chic and edgy look.

For longer hair the braided look and the updos are a great choice. Braided hair is something that is truly never out of style, and the only difference is how you wear it. Sizes can range from small to large, and the best part is styling is a breeze. You can do a stunning updo with braids or combed hair. It can be curly or have bangs hanging down. This gives any woman an elegant yet very natural look.

These are the 5 hottest black haircut styles for 2010, so be sure to get yours done today. You will be turning heads in no time.