Looking Back, Hairstyles Fall 2009, Natural Hair Colors Ruled

Looking Back, Hairstyles Fall 2009. Natural Hair Colors Ruled!

What was glamorous in Fall 2009? Lots of styles fit that bill! This was a year of hair experimentation that has yielded so many new styles and variations.
Short hair styles dominated the magazines and red carpets this Fall. Rihanna and Katie Holmes, while at different spectrums of the entertainment charts, displayed forward looking fashion sense in their short hair styles! Rihanna has dominated the short hair style for a while, but she took her look to a new level with some sharp angled, side-swept bangs that have become a new standard in the industry. And Katie just shocked everyone with her black-dyed, short style that took her from her living room to the red carpet with ease!

It was a wonderful explosion of color that mimicked the change in seasons this Fall as well! While natural hair colors dominated the scene, there were bold variations of platinum blondes to fiery reds and rich auburns along with highlight and lowlight accents! The word for it all was glamorous! Even Emo styles set forth by the Twilight movie series and the punk styles set forth by the likes of Avril Lavigne, were able to give all personalities a way to glam up their styles!

Even the teens got on the glam train when Miley Cyrus was seen with a long hair style that showed off her youthful, but sophisticated side on the red carpet this fall. We can expect to see the healthy, bouncy, and cutting edge styles that made their way into our magazines this Fall carry us boldly into 2010 in style!