Asian Pixie Cut - Winter, Summer 2010

Asian Pixie Cut - Winter, Summer 2010 Edition

This style was popularized in Asian fashion because it fits many Asian features. Feminine jaw lines, small features, and straight hair are typically needed to pull off this fashion forward look!
However, we have seen many celebrities without any Asian descent pull it off with flair as well! Hale Berry had this cut for a while and she looked ravishing. Alyssa Milano wore a Pixie cut very well as a good witch on Charmed. And Natalie Portman was strikingly beautiful with a Pixie cut of her own shortly after shaving her head in the movie “V for Vendetta.”
Halle Berry Pixie Cut

This style can be cute to wear on a daily basis, and it can also be a glamorous look when worn to formal events. It is something that will express your confidence in that you don’t need to have long hair to appear feminine. And it is easy to wash and wear daily, but you will have to spend some extra time and use some gel or mousse getting it to look right for more formal occasions.
And it appears that some of the celebrities who have made this look popular are now growing their hair out a little more. So if you don’t like to visit the stylist too often, you may not need to go for a few months while you let your style grow out a bit.
That is the real beauty of this cut! It will look good short, and it will look good in the dreaded in-between stages as it grows out as well. Then you can always make the decision to re-trim the look, or grow it out. Either way you go, you can modify your look throughout the year while experimenting with different lengths!
Photo1/Chewy Chua