Long Hairdos, Winter, Summer 2010

Long Hairdos Winter, Summer 2010

When looking for long hairstyles that work for your hair, there isn’t much searching that needs to be done! Online pictures and information has made the search relatively easy!
Look up Jessica Lowndes at the Grammy awards this year for a formal look that creates elegance and grace. With her healthy, brown hair pushed up and back she elongated her oval shaped face. Jessica is lucky because her face has small features that love to be accentuated. She also wore the rest of her hair down her back. This gave her a very flowing, elongated, graceful look that the cameras loved!
Beyonce is no stranger to long hair; and she is versatile in her styles also. She has gone from straightened hair with bangs to wild curly hair on stage! She makes both look extremely sexy. Her secret is that her hair is naturally wavy so the wild, vertical curls she wears on stage are relatively easy for her stylist to create. But the straightened hair takes a lot of heat and relaxer, so she doesn’t do that very often. This is smart because she can keep her hair healthier without the use of many chemicals and heat treatments.
But if you are looking for real versatility, Mandy Moore is the woman to research! Mandy has gone from blonde to brown and from short to long styles with ease. And her square face shape is not an easy one to fit, so there is great hope for all women who are struggling with difficult face shapes of our own!