Jennifer Aniston Hair Color Tips For 2010

Jennifer Aniston Hair Color Formula For 2010

Style conscious women all have the same question: How do you achieve the lively long locks Jennifer Aniston look? Here are some of the hair salon secrets that will make you the envy of all your friends. Women with medium-soft brunette hair color are the luckiest, because this is the same base color as Jennifer Aniston. Now all you need to do is add the highlights. Start with a high-lift golden blonde hair color and 40-volume developer, and then alternate with a high-lift natural blonde. It’s most important for your hair stylist to use crème developer so the hair color will be thick to keep the foil in place. For best results the stylist should use half-inch-wide streaks and allow 20 minutes under a hot dryer to process.
Here's an insider secret on Jennifer Aniston's hair color from some of the other clients of her experienced stylist: use the old-fashioned Clairol and Wella in a bottle that you can purchase yourself. The fantastic result is due to technique and timing not in using luxury hair colors.
To accent the hair color with lowlights, use approximately three foils on both sides of the head. One of the best colors is the medium golden brown shade like Wella Color Charm #435 with 20-volume crème developer. This time your stylist should do 3/4-inch streaks, with only one lowlight foil for the fringe bangs. All you need is ten minutes to process the color then shampoo and condition. The finishing touches include glossing and styling to your preference.