Best Hairstyles For Long Faces

Best Haircuts For Long Shaped Faces
- Some Tips

Haircuts for long faces ideally focus on creating the illusion of width and diminishing the length of the face. You can bring out the natural beauty of your features by choosing a hairstyle that has some of the following features.
Start by keeping your hair at a medium length, falling between your chin and shoulders: longer hair will add to the length of your face and a very short haircut will make your facial features look out of proportion. By styling the hair to create a frame around the jaw line you can add roundness to the shape of your face
Niki Taylor and Sarah Jessica Parker Both Have Long Face Shape, Beautiful Hair

To create the appearance of a wider face, you want texture instead of straight, which will draw your facial features down. Wear your hair in a curly or wavy style which bring volume and shape that’s made even better by adding a fringe of long, thick bangs swept to the side of the face.
Gisele Bundchen With Long Wavy Hair

Whichever style you choose, be sure you are confident that it suits your personality and lifestyle.
Layered styles also work well in haircuts for long faces. The hair should be cut in layers that meet the length of your nose, chin and collarbone. The front and sides of the hair will appear shorter and should be finished in a V-shape at the back of the head.
Liv Tyler, She Looks Outstanding

The most important thing to remember in choosing from the many haircuts for long faces is to avoid extremely short and long styles to make the most of your facial features.

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