Shaggy Hairstyles For Summer 2009

Shaggy Hairstyles - Go For This Challenging Hairstyle

Shaggy hairstyles are styles that are cut in layers, usually in varying lengths. When the layers are cut in cascading fashion the result is the cool and sexy 70’s shag haircut look. In the shaggy haircut, hair is longest at the maximum length from the crown of the head. This is the ideal solution for people who don’t want their hair care to take a lot of time.
In this hairstyle, the part is usually in the middle with the layers of your hair are cut to frame your face. The success of this design is hair with movement and natural bounce. The secret to making this popular design work is to draw the line between a ‘messy’ look and hair that looks like a mess. What makes all the difference are the products used in the styling of shaggy hairstyles which are just as important as the cut.
Hair colors with a lot of depth, work great with shaggy hairstyles. If you want the best cut possible, find the stylist with experience with this challenging haircut. This haircut needs volume to really perform well: stylists are known to use volumnizer at the roots of the hair and then combing gel through the hair prior to blow drying. Add some ‘oomph’ to your shaggy hairstyling using a round barrel brush while blow drying. Applying hair wax to sections of the ends of the hair give definition around the face: with a bit of hairspray and hair shine, you’re ready for the world.

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