Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles
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The Spice Girls were unleashed upon the world by Bob Herbert’s organization, Heart Management, the record production team of Absolute Records, and the mentoring by Simon Fuller of 19 Management. They were popularized with the nicknames of Scary, Sporty, Baby, Ginger, and Posh by The Tops of Pops magazine in 1996.
Victoria Beckham Hairstyles Bob Hairstyle

After years of success in music, the group disbanded in 2001 (thought there would be a fantastic reunion tour in 2007), and the ladies all went their separate ways. Of this group, the woman who has most successfully remained in the public eye is Posh Spice, better known now as Victoria Beckham (neé Adams).
She has used both music and fashion design to keep her profile high, and she has also created on of the more sensational hairstyles seen around the world today. This hairdo is a severe and striking inverted bob that frames her face beautifully.
Victoria Beckham Blonde Bob Hairstyle

It has been dubbed the Pob, short for Posh Bob, and she usually wears it with the right side two inches longer than the left. Victoria began her post-Spice career with some great success in releasing singles in 2000. She soon began a career in fashion, and designed her own line of jeans. This was followed by an autobiography and a reality show.
Victoria Beckham with hubby David arriving in Milan, Italy - December 20th, 2008

Victoria took the name of Beckham
from British footballer David Beckham in 1999 (the wedding was a lavish affair costing about $750,000!), and when she moved to Hollywood in 2007, she brought her fashion sense to American shores. Her hairstyle became a sensation at this time.

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