Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Hairstyles for Thin Hair - There Is No Need To Despair

For those lucky few with rich, luxurious locks, the salon can be a lark. But for the many men and women with thinning hair, the same trip can be a grim search for something, anything that covers up the scalp and yet still looks natural.
Do not give in to despair! There are many steps and styles that can give you a great and good-looking hairdo, once you know what does and doesn’t work. The first step is to take care of the hair you have. Extended exposure to sunlight is not desirable for someone with thinning hair. Frequently changing your natural color is also a luxury you may want to avoid, since the chemicals in the dyes can be hard on the follicles when overused.
When thinning becomes a problem, you should not use irons to flatten or curl your hair’s natural curves. On the proactive side of these solutions to thinning problems, remember that many popular styles expose a lot of scalp, and use them!
Think of Bo Derek’s extreme cornrows - of course, this may not be the look for you, but think about how much skin was exposed by that hairstyle! Braids, buns and updos are the basic tools you will employ to deal with thinning. Pulling your hair back close to the head will create a look that can be fun, severe, or glamorous without revealing the amount of hair you are actually using. Even pigtails and ponytails can be employed in this strategy!