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Eva Longoria Hair - Always Looking Chic & Sexy

Eva Longoria hairstyles are starting to be out of this world! Nearly every female out there knows who Eva Longoria is and they want to look a lot like her. Well, there are those girls who like to be unique and look like themselves, but for those of you who want to look like Eva Longoria and have the Eva Longoria hair, this article is for you!
Eva Longoria's hair has a lot of power that adds wonderful looks to her style. You too could create the Eva Longoria look by adding soft curls in your hair. You can do this by using big Velcro rollers or use a big round brush and a blow dryer to create the curls. You will need to have the front layers around the face twisting under and don’t forget to add some height to the crown area.
Eval Longoria - Latest Formal Hairstyle - December 2008

If you like the Eva Longoria hair that has small curls, then you could do this by using a medium sized barrel curling iron. The latest hairstyle trend involves hair extensions that clip in the hair. The twist is that these clips make the hair…shorter. Without cutter her hair off, Eva Longoria can have a hair bob in no time, you could do the same.
Great Looking Eva Longoria

really likes those hair clips and wears them often. With these hair clips, she is able to show off her perfect neck line that is normally covered up by her long hair. You could purchase a hair clip like Eva Longoria uses to make her hair short over the Internet.
Lovely Wavy Hair

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