Crazy Bob Hairstyles 2010

Crazy Bob Hairstyles Ideas 2010

You should get the bob for the best reason of all: it’s a fun hairdo that will allow the best features of your face to be seen! The bob is an extraordinarily flexible hairdo that allows you to look trendy and fun in a variety of ways. Another nice quality of the bob is that all of its versions are low maintenance hairdos. You have a longer bob with hair below the ears, you can have your bob inverted, and you can enjoy a short bob, as well. If one bob isn’t working, try another!
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Crazy Bob Hairstyles

It must be admitted however, that the short bob is dominating today’s red carpet galas and extravaganzas. One need only look at the cover of the latest fashion magazines to see Victoria Beckham, Rhianna, and Audrey Tatou playing with their bobbed hair, with fantastic results. Of the three, Tatou employed the shortest look, and she used it beautifully. With a nest of curls around her pointed features reminiscent of Betty Boop, Audrey was darling and cute. Her bob was allowing her very pointy facial features to rest in a soft halo of black ringlets. If you also possess pointy features, a triangular or heart-shaped face, or even just a good set of well-defined cheekbones, you are a prime candidate for the short bob.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Crazy Bob Hairstyles

You need to consult your stylist to see if you fit in this category, however. Even the round face can make a short bob work! Long and thin faces are not the best foundation to use for this hairstyle.

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