Teenage Boys Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Teenage Boys Hairstyles In 2010

When boys reach their teenage years, they start to realize that their appearance has a real impact on the world around them. This leads them to the world of hairstyles and clothing choices at a later time than girls, who are prepared for the decisions by the culture around them at a much earlier date. Most boys don’t take advantage of the resources available to them when they think about developing a certain hairstyle look, not wanting to be associated with fashion magazines and other styling accessories.
They do, however, have eyes that observe the world around them. They watch the musicians and movie stars, and take their cues from them. It is rare that guys are on the cutting edge of fashion in hairstyles, though. If a rock star wears an unusual hairdo, it maybe because of a sheer accident with the scissors! But let us not forget how many rockers have created incredible and popular innovations in hairstyling. Elvis had his pompadour, a Southern innovation, the Beatles had their mops (courtesy of girlfriend Astrid Kirchherr), and Johnny Rotten had his spikes. Today, teenage boys are most likely to develop their own unique looks by working with emo haircuts or through heavy metal longhair styles. When boys start to dye their hair, they often become inspired to play around and have some fun with their follicles! Given the time required to grow the long hair needed for some rock and roll hairstyles, it is simply easier to go emo or punk, with spikes, bangs, and other simple effects.