Oval Face Hairstyles 2009

Oval Face Hairstyles Tips

The lucky girls have an oval face!
The oval shape is popular with stylists because it offers options and balance. In the oval, there is no predominant feature, and the jawbone is usually a little narrower than the cheekbones. Many different hairstyles work well with an oval face, and the adaptability of this facial structure will persuade some stylists to try more extreme styles than they would usually consider for their clients. For an example of the classic oval face, consider Jennifer Anniston. Her eyes are large, and they are well balanced by her other features: her handsomely centered nose, a lively straight forehead, and a pair of smooth yet clearly defined cheekbones. Jennifer Aniston on the cover of the GQ magazine - January 2009

The balancing act between these each of these features gives Jennifer her handsome, fresh and cool look (when combined with a great hairstyle, of course). We all have these features on our faces, but the oval face gives an easy sense of room. Some of the hairdos recommended for the oval face are the ponytail, the bob, the layered look, long hair, short hair, medium length hair, and basically any hairstyle you can think of! The oval face is often found on models, unless they are of the highly angular type used in haute couture. Perhaps it can be said that the best overall look for an oval face is the updo, with strands decorating each side of the head. This look allows the beauty of the hair to interact with the face while showing off the lovely balance in the face of the lucky girl.