Celebrity Hairstyles 2009

Celebrity Hairstyles in Year 2009

The upcoming year will feature a tsunami of new looks for your hair, and now is the time to do your homework and make some crucial choices!
The most recent hit is the inverted bob, a new twist on the fun and frivolous look dating back to silent movies. Also in the news are elegant takes on the curly look, and the receding popularity of spiky, aggressive punk/emo stylings. The bob is without a doubt the hottest thing going right now, spurred on by some fantastic appearances by R&B songstress Rhianna and even on psychic detective Patricia Arquette on her TV show “Medium!”
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Patricia Arquette Hair

The bob is best suited to rounder faces with sharp features, but it can also work for anyone who just temporarily wants to do something crazy with their hair.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Oprah Curly Hairstyle

Curls are also expected to stay in the forefront of the hair industry, but please remember that more is better when it comes to curls. If you’re going to try that bob, don’t go overboard and add curls at the same time.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Cate Blanchett Short Curly Hair

Short and curly hair can work well for some, but there are so many more options for a curly look when there are at least seven to eleven inches of tresses to work with.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Ellen Barkin Bob Haircut

Finally, it can be said with certainty that spikes are fading from the scene. The days of hair that can inflict damage on neighbors and boyfriends are over! Incidentally, those high-maintenance waves are also getting to be hard to find these days.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition -Bar Rafaelli Beautiful Locks

2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition -Anya Monzikova Lovely Hair

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