Geri Halliwell Latest Hairstyle

Geri Halliwell Latest Hairstyle
March 2009

Geri Halliwell has recently been snapped out and about looking absolutely fabulous at the UK premiere in Leicester Square in London proving that motherhood really does suit her! Tanned and looking every inch the classy lady, Geri had a beautiful figure, a dress to die for and a hairstyle that is sure to send women all over the place flocking to the hairdressers!
Gone are the days where we saw the infamous Spice Girl with red streaks in her hair and her very famous bosom falling out all over the place and in her place has grown a very beautiful woman and mother, despite her battle with eating disorders over the years which surely would have taken their toll on her hair?
Amazing Geri Halliwell

These days she is more darker in color and with a new sleek style that simply screams sophistication. A parting just off to one side and the front sliding across her face, the brown hair with slight honey colored highlights set off her perfect tan and sexy eye makeup perfectly.
Despite the looks that we have seen in the past, this one is a winner.
Geri Halliwell Latest Hairstyle

It combines her young age with her sexy smile and sophistication perfectly while still allowing to be dressed up in cheeky ways if the occasion calls for it. It just goes to show that bigger and brighter hair isn’t always better and that you can still look both cute and sexy with a simple style!

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