How to Dye Hair at Home

How to Dye Hair at Home - Summer 2009 Hair Tips

If you are wanting to achieve a different color in your hair but by doing it at home then you need to work a few things out first to ensure that the color is going to come out OK. First of all you must decide what color that you want to go and then you need to employ the help of a friend, where possible to enable you to achieve the look that you want.
Remember that if you have long hair you will need more than one box of dye for your hair and it is always a good idea to get two boxes just in case one isn’t enough or you need to redo the color after a few days. Generally, it would be advised to get two boxes where possible.
Secondary to getting more than one box of dye, it is highly important that you perform a skin test and leave it for 24 hours to ensure that the color comes out as it should as well as making sure that you do not have any allergies to the dye that you are using. This should be done on a strip of hair from underneath the head to ensure that you do not have a random stripe of color where people can see it.
Once you have done the skin test and have left it for at least 24 hours, you can then go on to dye your hair at which point you may want to cover the edge of the hair line and also your ears and eyebrows with Vaseline to make sure that you do not get dye anywhere that you shouldn’t!