Alex Kingston Curly Hairstyles

Alex Kingston - Amazing Curly Hair

Alex Kingston, better known for her role in ER as a British Surgeon by the name of Elizabeth Corday, is just one of the celebrities that we have come to know and love but one that doesn’t always follow the latest trends with regards to hair, makeup and clothing. Her naturally curly hair, closely resembling that of an 80’s spiral perm has almost become famous in its own right and it is nice to know that some celebrities can be happy with their most natural state.

Alex Kingston Curly Hair

A lot of curly haired stars have resorted to such drastic measure as chemically straightening their hair to within an inch of its life but this not the case for Alex who is known to be rather proud of her hair. Maintaining naturally curly hair is well known to be difficult but Alex seems to do it with ease, managing to work her hair into extricate up do’s as well as natural looking down hairstyles, all of which look beautiful and healthy.
Alex Kingston Latest Curly Hair - April 2009

One of the hairstyles that we are so used to seeing on the British actress is the one in which she has it pulled back into a loose pony tail with a few tendrils of curly hair hanging down, a hairstyle that we first came across on the hit hospital series, ER and since then, she has gone for many different looks including the messy up do that she recently wore at the premiere in Los Angeles of the new film “Monsters vs. Aliens”

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