Curly and Wavy Celebrity Hairstyles 2009

Curly and Wavy Celebrity Hairstyles - Spring Summer 2009 Hair Edition

Curls and waves are always in fashion. Whether it is beach hair with loose waves or the 80’s spiral perm, there is always a fashion trend somewhere on the catwalk that demands for tongs, rollers or other curling tools.
There have been many celebrities over the years with a bouncing head of fabulous curls&waves. One of these is the actress Alex Kingston that has naturally curly hair, almost in the spiral perm trend, and is very proud to wear it. Jennifer Aniston also loves curls but hers are longer and looser than this, as soon by the hairstyles in 2007 that she sported for the People’s Choice Awards
Curly & Wavy Hair - Summer 2010 Hair Edition

Rihanna was another of the well known celebrities to favor curls for a time and although she has gone rather short with her styles at present, when she had her long flowing locks after the hit song, “Pom De Replay” she sported a rather 80’s inspired Whitney Houston type head of curls.

Curly&Wavy Hair - Summer 2009 Hair Edition

Beyonce is another celebrity that loves her curls and it was songs such as “Jumpin’ Jumpin’” with Destiny’s Child that saw her with rather strange looking curls, almost like looser crimped styles. From this, she has gone for many curled looks, both tight curls and loose ones and although she loves her straight hair, the curly look is one that is always going to come back.
Curly & Wavy Hair - Summer 2009 Hair Edition

Curls are the best way to liven up hairstyles and it is always worth investing in some heated rollers and a pair of curling tongs just in case!

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