Should I Get a Perm?

Should You Get a Perm?

There are certain things that a person must remember if they are thinking of getting a perm done to their hair. For a start, those with colored hair shouldn’t really have a perm as both of these things massively dry out the hair, leaving it hard to get back to its normal healthy state. This also applies to those that have any kind of chemical process done on their hair such as a perm recently that has not gone according to plan or chemical straightening which can all aid in drying the hair out.
Those with thin hair may want to pass on a perm as well as it takes better on thicker hair than it does on thinner hair. It could fall out easier or not last as long with thin hair but again this is something that your hair stylist will be able to inform you about. A perm should usually last in the region of around three or four months but in some cases it can drop out after two or stay for as long as six.
Generally, there are no defined face shapes that should not have a perm and it is more to do with the state of the hair you have as well as the kind of hair that you have; dry, colored, brittle etc. Bad conditioned hair will end up being a worse state after a perm and therefore it is best to leave it for a couple more months and try and get healthier hair before you aim for a perm.

Picture By Stefie Jones