Hairstyles For a Heart Shaped Face

Hairstyles For a Heart Shaped Face
- Summer 2009 Hair Tips

Is your face narrow at the bottom around your jaw line and then wider at the forehead or the cheekbones? If you have this kind of face shape then you have a heart shaped face. Thankfully you are not alone with this face shape and there are many celebrities that you can take a look at to get ideas that would better suit your face shape.
Jennifer Love Hewit both have Heart shaped face

Lisa Kudrow, famous for being Phoebe in the hit TV show, “Friends” has a heart shaped face and she generally chooses to wear her hair long and loose but also straight unless it is for a more formal event of course! Jennifer Love Hewitt is the same but as you may have noticed when she starred in Enrique Iglesias’s video for the hit song “Hero,” she added a little bit of volume to it with height at the roots and then a few loose curls and waves running through the rest of the hair. As well as these two lovely ladies with heart shaped faces, Naomi Campbell and even Michelle Pfeiffer are also blessed with the same shape of face.
Naomi Campbell and Michelle Pfeiffer Hair for Heart Shaped Face

Heart shaped faces are perfect for a range of different hairstyles and if you were feeling really brave you could also go for the popular bob look which will have you look better than Victoria Beckham and as if you have just walked straight from the pages of a glossy magazine in no time at all!

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