Paris Hilton Latest 2009 Hair

Paris Hilton Celebrates 28th Birthday - Lovely Blond Bob Hairstyle

Paris Hilton recently celebrated her 28th birthday in style with a birthday bash to remember in Las Vegas. Partying with pals such as Jeff Beacher and Doug Reinhardt, she looked every inch the princess that the general public has come to know her as and with a serious amount of bling adorning her petite frame, you would be forgiven for thinking that she was heir to the throne and not to a hotel chain.
Paris Hilton Latest Blond Hair 2009 - Celebrity Hairstyles 2009 Edition

The bubble blonde decided upon a simple hairstyle for her birthday bash but with a rather unusual headband to complete the look that was by no means understated. The glittering headband matched her glittering necklace and on most people, this look would have been rather too much for a 28th birthday party but Paris being Paris managed to pull it off rather well.
Paris Hilton Latest Blond Bob Haircut 2009 - Celebrity Hairstyles 2009 Edition

With a sleek bob worn over one eye, Paris managed to look sexy and yet playful at the same time and the platinum blonde hair was well teamed with the sparkly silver diamonds that were quite literally crowning her very famous head.
Paris Hilton Latest Hair 2009 - Celebrity Hairstyles 2009 Edition

With picture perfect makeup and a pretty dress, Paris Hilton looked every inch the young lady she is meant to be and with her recent goings on that we have followed in the press, it would appear that Paris could almost be turning over a new leaf.

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