Mysterious Hairstyle

Mysterious Hairstyle, You Should Try It!

The hairstyle we are about to tell you about is a haircut that is perfect for those individuals that have long hair who would like to have versatility in their hairstyle. This haircut is going to enable the individual to style her hair with curl and volume, yet they will still be able to style it in the smooth and straight way that will look good. Continue reading to discover how you will be able to achieve this haircut.
Whenever you cut hair, you should wash it and condition it before you start. You don’t want to blow dry it, you should just towel dry it and have a spray bottle with you so that you can keep the hair damp. You should part the hair down the centre of the individuals head, and then divide it into two different sections. Leave about half an inch of hair in the back around the centre.
Comb the small section that you left down in the back so that you can smooth it, make sure it is centred, and then cut it to the length that is desired. When you are cutting it, do a horizontal line. It is best if you start from the side as you are cutting. Continue cutting the hair by letting the hair on the side in half segments. Take the hair, comb it to the centre and cut it to the length that you would like. As you go, you will be able to alternate it from side to side, and then move to the opposite side as you are finished. Once you have completed both sides of the cut, it is time to finish up.
Comb the hair strait down the head with strait parting in the centre of the head.