Messy Hairstyles for Girls - 2009

Hairstyles for Girls in 2009, 2010

What a mess! What fun! That is the message imparted by the popular new messy look, so recently evolved out of either emo or choppy hairstyles. There is a lot of debate now about which style the messy look came from. It seems evident, however, that the messy look is derived from the Do It Yourself ethos of emo and scene haircuts, rather than the carefully developed and controlled choppy hairstyle.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Messy Hairstyles for Girls
Emo, after all, usually features crazy colors and spikes in the back of the head, and these spike are created without a plan. In fact the spikes and colors of emo can be traced back to the punk hairstyles of the 70’s! The choppy hairstyle is derived from variations on layering and feathering that came to the fore in salons during the last few years, and it is rarely colored in an usual way. If hair can be called messy, it is not because it is carefully styled!
Emo is the source of most of the new messy looks available today. In the world of Hollywood, the messy hairstyle has not made the same inroads that it has in nightclubs or on the runways. Hollywood movies can’t afford to look like they were thrown together on the screen or on the red carpet, and the messy hairstyle doesn’t work for most opening events. The messy look, however, is still a great option for that sense of wildness you may want to project at certain events and special nights out on the town!