Latest Hairstyle Trends for 2009

Latest Hairstyles 2009

The new season for hairstyle innovation is fast approaching, and the competition for the most popular new style of 2009 is already underway! Without a doubt, the most pressing controversies in the field will be the resolution of the controversy between scene and emo hair and the fading away of medium length hairstyles as the new year progresses. In the current climate of worldwide recession, with an untested new president and a global warming crisis on our hands, the average person is not inclined to lackluster styling that delivers an average look.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Scene vs Emo Hair

If a woman in 2009 goes to a stylist, she wants to get her money’s worth and she wants it to show. This factor of showiness will tend to drive out moderation as a quality in every style or look that is designed in the upcoming year. Medium length hair is out for 2009! In the upcoming red carpet events, Hollywood stars will be going for very short or very long hair, with excessive curls, and even platinum and pink coloring! Think about the very relevant example of the Great Depression of 1930 ‐ that was the year that Jean Harlow brought her metallic look to Hollywood!
Long hair will become both more wavy and curly, and updos will be come more elaborate and showy (though Hollywood actresses probably won’t attach models of yachts on top of their hair the way French aristocrats did in the 1790’s). Short hair will become shorter and curlier, as witness Audrey Totou’s wonderful little do for the opening of “The DaVinci Project.”