Medium Hairstyles in 2009

Medium Hairstyles in Year 2009 - Medium Bob Hairstyles Will Be In!

In the upcoming year, medium hairstyles will be seen less and less. As we move forward into difficult economic times, the world of hair fashion will respond this stressing environment by adopting and popularizing more extreme hairstyles.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Medium Hairstyles

Scene hair will become the norm, and it will be longer. The Emo hairstyle will begin to venture out of the gothic nightclubs where it was born and start to appear at some red carpet events. Medium hairstyles will still be a widespread choice, but they will become more teased, tousled and twisted as the hairstyling world looks for hairdos that stand out in a crowded and hyper-competitive field. Thanks to the flexibility of the medium hair length, some of the most popular medium hairstyles today are based on a look that was initially designed exclusively for short hair, the bob!
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Medium Hairstyles - Bob Hair

In 2008, so many of Hollywood’s most attractive stars went with bob looks. Stylists were forced to stretch the basic definition of the bob to create enough individual looks for their clients. The result of this popular embrace of a short look is the lengthening of it! Stylists inverted the bob and tried other versions of the bob hairdo that required medium length hair. The models for the look were happy to oblige, and now the medium length bob is extremely popular! It looks fantastic on faces with delicate and balanced features, too. Medium length hair remains a versatile basic option, but despite this valuable characteristic, it will have to fight for a place in the sun during 2009.

Pictures by Stefie Jones